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  1. Which Arabs and which Muslims? A middle-class Lebanese Australian Catholic has a very different background to an upper-class Saudi Wahhabi. I realize that, the Arabic-speaking and Muslim-majority worlds contain tremendous variation, just like the Western world or like any culture. Many varieties of Arabic are even mutually unintelligible, meaning that some so-called 'dialects' of Arabic are in fact their own languages! Furthermore, 'Arab' can refer to an ethnic group whose members may not live in the Arab world or speak Arabic. There are millions of Arabs who were born in the English, Spanish
  2. The idea that the 'world' (whether that's human civilization, or the universe, or anything else, New Age apocalyptic crazies rarely specify) will end in 2012 because of the Mayan calendar is absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, if the Mayans could predict the end of the 'world', couldn't they have predicted the demise of their own civilization due to Spanish colonization?
  3. I love listening to translations of Disney songs into Spanish to help me learn the language. (Or at least, that's my excuse).
  4. Oh, you're right! Thank you! Thanks, that's what I thought.
  5. I don't have a VIP membership so I can't really look at that. I will purchase one next year, but I don't see the point now when all I need is a list of Maths SL topics. Is it possible for you to just post a list of them here? Or direct me to somewhere else that has it? I'll use the Biology topics as an example for what I need: 1. Statistical Analysis 2. Cells 3. Chemistry of Life ... 11. Human Health That's what's available on the Wikibooks page, but I'm not sure if it's accurate.
  6. I just finished prep-IB, and since Maths is my weakest subject I want to look over the curriculum during the Christmas holidays so I'm better prepared for next year. Is this list of topics: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/IB_Mathematics_%28SL%29 up to date? I borrowed the textbook that my school provides for Maths SL next year and there are 29 chapters - honestly, there couldn't be that many topics, could there? I guess they just split the topics into many different chapters.
  7. My school offers no Language Bs, only Spanish and Japanese ab initio. The strange thing is that nearly anyone in grade 11 and 12 has had a background in the language from prep-IB in grade 10 so I don't see why it's not available. You can do Spanish B HL, but only students with "a higher competency in Spanish" and it will be "Invitation Only" (according to my school's website). I hope to do Spanish B HL next year, because my only other option is Biology which will have absolutely no relevance to my future career (I'll either become a linguist, sociologist or political scientist).
  8. 5 hours? Jesus Christ! A healthy sleep average is 9 hours for teenagers, and 8 hours for adults.
  9. I was under the impression that one can only do a self-taught language at A1 level. I checked Google, and nothing came up for anything other than A1. I would like to do Self-Taught Serbian B HL (instead of doing a second Natural Science for Group 6) if I could, but my IB coordinator said that you can only do self-taught languages at A1.
  10. Apparently my school offers Spanish ab initio, but it offers Spanish B HL as well as 'invitation-only'. My friend said that they're not a different class or anything, they just go to the library to study sometimes (he has a grade 12 sister doing the IB at this school). I might end up doing Maths HL (the only reason I wasn't going to is because I thought I needed an A level of achievement, but I only need a B level). How much more difficult is Maths HL over Maths SL? And what about Spanish HL over Spanish ab initio? Apparently they have to write book reports in Spanish . A lot of people have
  11. Hm... I've never thought of that. The thing is that in History we're only doing QSA stuff - but some of the stuff we're doing is grade 11 and 12 stuff. In Biology, we did a term of QSA (comparing organ systems) and 3 terms of IB diploma stuff. Why would it be something we must learn if it's the curriculum of an elective. In fact, the only classes we don't have as electives this year are English and PhysEd (Maths is split into Standard/Advanced). It's great that the prep-IB is not just something my school made up. Time to rub it into my friends face ;P. Spanish B HL sounds great. I don't think
  12. I have been doing grade 10 IB after coming out of a Montessori school last year and it's been great. One of my friends has constantly been saying that we're not doing the 'real IB' and that 'prep IB' is something that our school made up to make more money out of us. (Incidentally, he's not going to study in the IB diploma program.) The IBO website has information on an 'IB MYP' program, but I don't believe we're doing that curriculum. It differs from class to class, but it appears that half of the time we're doing the QSA curriculum (the local curriculum) and half of the time doing the IB dipl
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