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  1. if still interested, I can find my old info
  2. Hi! write me directly to my email: [email protected] It is doable but it is better to be more specific in this case. I can help you with your presentation if still necessary!
  3. if you carry a weapon, your government REALLY starts to be careful, which is great, but it can get dangerous if someone with a gun is not emotionally stable or something like that. if you are not allowed to have a gun, then it makes you vulnerable against those who have a gun...
  4. Try doing something unusual or if you have no time, do what is proven and safe: dilemmas with probabilities, or measuring a movement of the ball...
  5. Intelligence cannot be determined at all in many cases, such as whether a person has an ADHD (if student can't pay attention to the question, then its not the intelligence, that is a problem). I personally get better grades for internal assignments then for exams, because I have more time to think.
  6. I finished IB and study in Amsterdam, you can ask me this)) It depends. It should be decriminalized for sure, but legalization is different. There must be many things, such as prevention of adding of extra THC and increased control of the substance movement.
  7. Good afternoon dear IB survivors. Recently I began asking myself questions: "Can you find a qualified job after IB without university education?" and "What is the level of education IB Diploma is? Is Baccalaureate considered a bachelor at least partly?". These are really confusing questions to me and this needs to be discussed. There can be a situation in life where it is not possible to enter university you planned to apply to or where you just need to take a gap year. Is it possible to find a job having just IB Diploma? IB is considered to be at higher stage than more common High
  8. I enjoyed IB Economics, although it was tough and challenging for me. In my opinion, it is more important to understand how the world's economy works through IB Economics. I would recommend Economics instead of Politics, but you are the one who needs to make a final choice.
  9. Does anyone know, would underemployment be a good issue for my Macroeconomics internal assessment for HL Economics? If yes, then which graphs are better to use for explanation? Thanks very much for any answer because I'll have a deadline soon.
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