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  1. How do you embed the knowledge framework in a TOK presentation? My KQ is: what role does language play in the acquisition of knowledge? The AOKs I am studying are the natural sciences, mathematics, and the human sciences. I already have links to personal and shared knowledge, and I explain how language is required for majority of the shared knowledge to be transmitted from one person to another. So what else should I include? My teacher said that my presentation will not score high marks because I have no links to the knowledge framework. Thanks!
  2. So I'm in year 2 and my EE topic has failed because my supervisor kept on delaying meetings, and then said that my topic might not work, so I have to go with a Plan B topic: How heating in the brewing of coffee affects the amount of of caffeine/(some other chemical) in it. I could also look for a chemical that is harmful/beneficial. I will have a good personal engagement for this one, but I heard that topics with coffee are overdone. Is this true? Any advice? Thanks for your help?
  3. For example, if my IA involves finding the BOD of different bodies of water, should I link it to something such as nitrate concentration in the water body?
  4. My maths teacher suggested the topic of finding the volume and surface area of a car using surface of revolution, and checking if it is optimize using calculus. What I did not understand is how exactly to use surface of revolution. I thought that the top of a car could act as a part of a semi-circle, but that would only be finding the volume of the top. Does anyone know how I can proceed? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for replying! So finding the surface area and volume was the original idea, but I thought it was too simple for a Higher Level topic. Thanks for helping.
  6. My teacher recently suggested a maths IA topic that I don't think anyone has ever done before. It is about finding the surface area and volume of car roofs, and investigating how the speed of the car is affected by air resistance. I could calculate the surface area using integration, but are there any other concepts that I could possible investigate this? For example, would going into drag coefficient be a good idea? I think it involves some calculus. Thanks for your help!
  7. My RLS involves the exploration of languages. For instance, I realized that in a computer language (programming language), there is one thing that always performs the same task. But in an actual language (the ones we speak in), what you say means something different depending on the context, tone, and emotions. I could also possible connect this to how in scientific development, some language have certain standards, like all animal species' scientific names are the same regardless of the language spoken in. The areas of knowledge I could use are the mathematics, natural sciences, and
  8. I wanted to ask whether this topic would be suitable for an extended essay in chemistry. It involves comparing the effectiveness of different (or components in them) of physical and chemical sunscreens. In order to do so, I can either find out the effect they have on the voltage output of a DSSC, or I was thinking of using spectrophotometry. So is this idea okay? The topic is finalized, but just finding the exact research question/aim was difficult. Any help is appreciated as my supervisor doesn't reply to emails and we currently have holidays for a few weeks.
  9. Hi everyone, We were asked to think of math IA topics. I really enjoy doing origami as a hobby. I thought of investigating some topics such as Haga's theorem, or the ratio of an A paper (√2:1) Are these topics too simple or is there scope for investigation? Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, I was planning to do my extended essay in chemistry and came up with a topic. I haven't framed the research question yet, but my topic is about UV and sunscreens. So I was thinking about finding 1 or 2 chemicals in 2 different sunscreens and comparing their effect on blocking harmful UV (UVA and UVB). I also plan to determine which substance is more effective at blocking harmful UV rays. Is this topic okay? I wasn't sure whether it completely fits in the extended essay topic category. I've been having lots of trouble finding a good topic. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi everyone, I found a topic for my chemistry extended essay, but I'm not sure whether it is suitable. It is about conjugate structures in sunscreens and how effective they are from blocking UV-A and UV-B rays from the skin. Is this topic suitable? My teachers said that it is a pretty common topic. Does anyone have any other chemistry extended essay topic? Thank you for your help
  12. Hi everyone, Is Java required in any paper of HL computer science? I am doing databases as the option topic (not OOP), so is Java required? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I had a few questions, and I hope I'm not disturbing you too much! I know a web-framework in Python called Flask and it has its own way of user authentication and database management with sqlite (sqlalchemy). Is it okay if I use these libraries? All database operations can be done with sqlite but sqlalchemy makes the database easier to maintain. Does the look of the website of matter? Should I make it look good or are we not marked on that? Thanks a lot!!
  14. Thank you for your reply! But I will be making a web-based application so it will store data for a number of students, so I will be using a database.
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