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  1. My exams are in around 2 months time, and I have done minimal - some revision but I am aiming for 38-40 points hopefully (I am struggling a lot with maths SL revision particularly, and constantly get below 50% on past papers) Is it possible to cram all my revision in less than 2 months? Any tips and tricks as well? Thanks
  2. I am currently doing my final extended essay and I was wondering how difficult it is to achieve a C overall? I don't know how I feel about my essay and I'm really hoping I can at least achieve a C overall, so just wondering how difficult a task this is? I only have a week left to finish this, and I'm just halfway done. Reading through it has really demotivated me and made me feel kinda bad about it. I just need 2 pts from TOK and EE !!!
  3. Anyone have any ideas on how to create a personal engagement for my Chem IA on catalysts? I have a few but not sure if they are credible enough...
  4. We will be starting our TOK essay as soon as the titles are released, but I would just like some opinions what it was like writing this essay, and any tips that people would share about writing this? thank you in advance!
  5. so basically i have to redo my entire maths IA because it doesn't make sense, and I only have less than a month to finish everything... The thing is, I feel that I chose quite a difficult topic and I am having difficulties understanding what to do next... Does anyone have tips for someone like this in this kind of scenario? I'm stressing out right now because i'm not sure if i'll be able to organise my time once school starts for the maths IA, the EE, chem IA, etc etc and I'm kind of freaking out... Thanks!
  6. hey guys, I want to self study organic chemistry in advance before the school year starts, so I will have a basic understanding of the topic before our teacher goes through it. I was just wondering how hard it would be to do so, and what are the most challenging parts of Topic 10 Sl+HL overall? Thank you!
  7. Thank you so much! My maths is so-so and I find the content in SL to be challenging at times, but I have been positively predicted a 6 so I hope I can still achieve a 6 overall!
  8. Currently attempting to do my maths IA but failing miserably as I feel that my topic was too difficult and there isn't much I can prove using it... Cannot change my topic over summer and it is due over summer too. Just wondering what are the grade boundaries for the maths IA? I've pretty much lost all hope and I really hope I get a 5 on this. Also, what are the chances of still getting a 6 overall in maths SL with a 4 or 5 for your maths IA grade?
  9. I'm trying to finish my Maths SL IA over summer, and I am doing statistics with a normal distribution curve. However, the data I have is quite random, and I have plotted the curve and it looks like this: Everything isn't working out with my maths IA at all, and I've wasted so much time trying to fix it already. I can't change my topic or ask my maths teacher for help because it's summer, and I'll have to wait for the next 6 weeks... Just wanted to know whether you'd be penalised if even though your concept is applied correctly and all the calculations/process you unde
  10. I am currently doing my psych IA and I am very confused with inferential statistics. I don't understand what the critical value is, and how to calculate it? I'm using a Mann-Whitney U design with sample size groups of 22 participants. Do I need to compare the critical value to the Z score value which was calculated? Thank you so much, super confused and any help will really help me!
  11. Hi, It's currently summer break and I am debating on whether I should bother revising for my subjects right now if my exams are in May 2019. Would it just be better to organise all my notes and review everything, instead of hard-core drilling and revising? Thanks.
  12. Just started summer break, and IBY1 went by very quickly for me. I am now very nervous for the second year of IB, as many teachers have told me that the first semester will be extremely difficult and challenging. If anyone has their own personal experiences and thoughts on the second year of IB, please let me know!
  13. I am planning on how to organise my time over summer, and I will be trying to complete my psychology and maths IA, along with my Extended Essay draft as well. Aside from this, I want to allocate some time for studying, as I feel that I need to revise for all my subjects, however I feel that this would be quite difficult to do so as I don't think I will be able to properly revise for all 6 of my subjects. Does anyone have any tips on studying over summer in preparation for the second year of IB? thank you.
  14. Hi, Does anyone have tips on how to effectively structure your TOK presentation conclusion? I'm having difficulties as my question is quite broad so I'm not really sure what I should include in my conclusion. This is my question: What is the role of emotion and language in obtaining our knowledge?
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