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  1. I have done many commentaries and I know the general structure but I am wondering if anybody who has gotten a 7 can give any advice?
  2. If you are a native German speaker (preferably one that is May or November 2018), could you please message me to indicate interest in being a penpal, before the Language B exams. Danke.
  3. Paper 1: The Move To Global War Paper 2: Single-Party states, Cold War Paper 3: Imperial Russia, Interwar Years (Germany, Italy, Spain), Russia from 1924 to 2000
  4. I was told to go through past papers and find vocabulary that I do not know. However, just going through one paper nearly took a whole day. I feel this is inefficient. So, how do you get a 7 in your Language B papers? Is it simply a matter of memorising vocabulary to do with the Core Topics and an option and then knowing some advanced grammatical constructions? Should we know some more general verbs and adjectives ? Any tips on getting a 7 for Language B will be greatly appreciated. I am asking for SL German B.
  5. Is it better to memorise the whole poems and then try to annotate them on the exam day? How many poems should you "have up your sleeve" so to speak? Does anyone who got a 7 in this paper have any tips on how to effectively write a Paper 2 essay for HL?
  6. As far as I know you need: Introduction, hypothesis, variables, materials, method, raw data, processed data (averages?), qualitative data, graphs, interpretation, conclusion, evaluation. But surely you need some kind of relatively advanced mathematical process to have a good interpretation? For an experimental Chem IA. Do you need to calculate Pearson's correlation or a t-test? What is a t-test? Are standard deviations enough?
  7. My IA is fairly simple. It is a rate of reaction practical, those ones where you can, for example, test the effect of changing temperature or pH on the rate of a reaction. My question is: can it score well? It isn't so basic that it's listed in the textbook's list of practicals but it is basic. The reaction that I am investigating is actually a very interesting one even if it is kind of basic. How would a relatively rate of reaction practical score a 7? Would I have to calculate the rate order for example?
  8. Everybody says don't use the textbook because it is too easy. They also say that most of the past papers are too easy. How do you revise then if the textbook and the past papers are both too easy? Do Maths SL content?
  9. Also, no continual placement of knowledge questions throughout the essay, instead focusing on one knowledge question.
  10. Thanks, everyone! I will just produce my best work and hope for the best :).
  11. Our teacher says that if there are no mistakes in our WA then the examiners will think we cheated. But what if you edit your work by yourself so well, seeing as you have a lot of time, with dictionaries and apply the grammar rules? What if it is actually your own work but it is very high quality? Also, the teacher says that they will think you cheated if your Paper 2 is worse than your WA. Any thoughts? I don't want to cheat but I also do not want examiners to think that I've cheated even though I haven't.
  12. I can't get into the Sydney programme because they said that Maths B (equivalent to our Maths SL) is required. I can't get into James Cook for the same reason. I'm confused about the Melbourne Chancellor's programme. I'm not sure about Bond. Any other options or should I try overseas?
  13. I have the UMAT in a few days and I'm not entirely sure about it. I know you need HL Chem to study in the UK but I don't do it. I'm willing to change but Chemistry is difficult for me at times. I am not sure if our school has registered our IB subjects yet. They said they were about to. Can you amend registrations? Also, if I decide to do it, do I have a chance at doing well in the BMAT? I haven't prepared at all but I hear that Section 1 is kind of similar to UMAT. I do Maths Studies so I don't know if I am at a disadvantage. As an Australian student, would my predicted gr
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