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  1. Helo


    oke. Thanks people!
  2. Helo


    Anyways, my exam is in November abd my mom jis making my life miserable ;-; she alwa ys says that 90is OK and that its only GOOD if its above 95. shes also saying that 95 wont be enough which is why im FREAKING OUT
  3. Helo


    Thanks. The how to do well in literacy part should be useful because thats what im horrible at. Do they only look at gthe grade 7 report card or do they look at the grade 8 one too
  4. Helo


    Its very stressful cuz theres so many people taking the test but so less people get accepted AGHHHHHHHHH
  5. Helo


    I'm taking the IB exam for Saint Roberts in November and IM DYING OF FEAR. my grade 7 report card was not good. my average was 86. My moms driving me crazy because she says that under 90 isnt good enough abd i suck at language which is onse of the sections in fthe ib exam WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO
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