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  1. ENGLISH A1 HL 5 SPANISH B SL 4 HIST.AMERICAS HL 5 BIOLOGY HL 4 MATH.STUDIES SL 7 (took this one last year) MUSIC HL 5 ToK B MUSIC EE C EE/TOK points: 1 Total points: 31 eeh, fairly low scores. but i should get some college credit (yay major state college) but diploma awarded.
  2. ah, ok. My IBC is going to be so kind as to email us our scores when he gets them :)I need to know when to start checking my email (I have work tomorrow afternoon, hoping my boss will be as kind as to let me use the computer to get to my email.)
  3. The internet is giving me no help, so I come here for one final question. What day and time are scores released to IBC? (aka when can I start hitting refresh on my email haha) I believe it's July 5, right? and what time? (GMT is fine, but if you could give me EST that would be absolutely marvelous) Thank you.
  4. http://cdn.macrumors.com/article-new/2011/06/bts2.jpg i've obviously been waiting for the apple bts promo for like 3 weeks now.
  5. sleepppp. sweet, sweet, sleep. sleeping like 11 hours a day.
  6. i had no idea other than it was mid 20th century american. what'd you put for the 4th track/2nd unknown? i put modern middle east....
  7. but how do i get one where members can tag themselves?
  8. this is my schools' 2nd year of giving IB exams. last year's bunch failed miserably. 1 of 2 got diplomas. I'm terrified. i'm in AP calc since we only offer math studies. i'm getting every single practice problem wrong. i can't remember anything i'm studying. i need to teach myself ecology. and i have severe tendonitis and am immune to motrin aka ibuprofen. i don't know anything i've "learned" for biology. everything i did for those tests were mad dashes to short term memorize... i seriously doubt i'm getting that diploma even though i'm 4th in my class out of 273
  9. How would I go about getting a map similar to the one we have here?
  10. I'm about to start reviewing for the exams. How have y'all gone about doing this? There has to be a method to this madness. Instill your wisdom upon me please? Thank you
  11. Gorgeous. started around 50 degrees F, ended around 70 degrees F. I'm 8 hours north of Florida, 8 hours south of DC... South carolina. bizzare weather. In january we got 8 inches of snow one week (w00t! no snowplows= 1 week off from school). 10 days after we got the snow, it was 80 degrees outside. 3 days after that we were back to 20 degree weather.
  12. Does anyone know the guidelines for the compositions? I think mine are due in a week and I know very little about it. Thank you
  13. what happened to all the really amazing singers in the american idol auditions?
  14. I don't only do work, which is why it also takes forever. ie, i IM someone and do hw, or stop every few minutes to check facebook. It makes my work take forever, but I think it helps keep me sane. I also take an hour off when I get home to watch tv, chill, and get my brain back together. I try my best to sleep in every Saturday to keep my sleep deprivation levels lower.
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