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  1. For Maths and Biology, definitely a pencil. I bet some people can make really neat notes by using symbols and stuff.. but not me. Otherwise, languages and History, my trusty computer serves me. Both typing and editing are far more easier. When taking notes in class, efficiency is doubled for sure. I've always planned to print out my notes at some point but guess I'm saving the environment with my laziness.
  2. Hi everyone! Luckily, I have a few days more to finish my first Maths portfolio. My god how the time flies - it was a few days ago when we got the assignments and now I'm sitting behind a desk with a cup of coffee... Anyways, back to my question: We've been given data regarding population at a specific period of time. There is a specific point in the assignment that goes something like this: A researcher suggests that the population, P at the time t can be modelled by P(t) = K / (1+Le-Mt) 
 where K, L, and M are parameters It is my job to estimate and interpret K, L and M. I'm not quite th
  3. I have to thank you for these appropriate comments ! Makes more sense now
  4. Hi! Well, now's the time to start writing the first draft for WL paper 1. I've read quite a lot of different guidelines (provided by IBO, my teacher and forum users) and I feel quite motivated to do good. However, some questions arose: Is the topic "How do literary features enforce the idea of Mama Elena and Esteban Trueba being tyrants?" (Characters of"Like Water for Chocolate" and "The House of the Spirits") OK to approach? What's the main aim of this paper? Whether I need to focus more on the literary features, analysing their effect or just backing up the arguments of the characters menti
  5. Banned because you have played RuneScape in your past..
  6. This just makes me sad if I find unseen and insolvable mathematical exercises in a worthless Maths test.. be it SL ...
  7. I'd say : "No problems here!" Usually in bed at 11pm, luckily. For some of my classmates I'm a fascinating case..
  8. Well, so much as I know, IB does make us more responsible, yet leaves at least some time for partying or just enjoying small amounts of beer, if necessary . Simple. My weekends aren't all about writing essays and being - I seem to find a perfect balance between leisure and knowledge; so do the most of us, I guess.
  9. You fellas possess luck.. In my school, it is pretty much "obligatory" to deal at least one hour/week with each CAS part... Whether you do 3 hours of service doesn't matter, one would still need to do service for the next two weeks Quite a lousy system, I would be more satisfied with the 50-50-50 system.
  10. Moi aussi, j'ai choisi l'anglais pour mon A1, mais ce n'est pas ma langue maternelle. J'ai pensé que l'anglais est plus bien pour moi, quand je voudrais étudier dans un autre pays. J'ai parlé l'este pour tout ma vie, et je pense que je peux m'expliquer bien ä la
  11. Je pense comme toi, trés drōle Vos livres de BI (Baccalaureate International) sont tres grandes aussi? Je les déteste...
  12. Good luck, Aliis I'm in the same group, only SL though. Seems to me, like the lessons are a bit unorganized, aren't they?
  13. Ah, bonsoir tous ! Je n'ai pas beaucoup pour écrire ici, mais... Qui a entendu un chanteur francais, Helmut Fritz, et sa chanson "Ca m'énerve" ? Une chanson trės drōle
  14. Quite an amusement before starting anything essay-like for the next day Makes me think about priorities, all the time / Keep up the humour !
  15. Hello there ! 1. What is your real name? Karl Hendrik 2. Where are you from? Estonia (if anyone has troubles with geography, it's a country west of Russia, south of Finland and North of Latvia) 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? From a classmate, who posted his short introduction a few posts before 4. What made you register on IB Survival? The hope to find, communicate and help other IB'ers (or is it IB'ists?) 5. When did you (approximately) register here? 6th of Oct, 2008 6. What is your favourite IB subject? Definitely one of my HLs (French>English>History) 7. When are you gr
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