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  1. I got 4 for all my subjects but 3 for HL Physics and Math. C for TOK and D for Math EE. 23 points with 11 at HL. Failed the IB. Help?
  2. Hi, I also want to major in Computer Science so I think I can give you some suggestions / advice. If your school offers IB Comp Sci (HL/SL), I would definitely recommend taking it. It'll give you a good feel of how college Comp Sci courses are like. Unfortunately, my school didn't provide this opportunity I strongly recommend Math HL, as the majority Comp Sci courses involve a lot of math. As nomenclature has said before, it will help you with things such as calculus, vectors which are key in university comp sci courses. I would recommend taking two science courses if you are
  3. Thank You All So Much! I have decided to stick with my subject selection
  4. Hello, I have finished Grade 10 and will embark upon my IBDP journey starting this August. Quite a few people seemed to be concerned with the difficulty of my course selection. I have chosen the subjects below: Mathematics HL Physics HL English Language and Literature (A2) HL Chemistry SL Business and Management SL Chinese B SL I want to pursue Computer Science in university, hence is why I think Math HL is a must, and I also think that Physics HL would be useful. I am very fluent in Chinese and B SL would not be a problem. What concerns me is
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