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  1. Thank you so much! This is such a relief
  2. I was discussing CAS with our supervisor today and she said that we can fail if we upload the activity on our Managebac after we have actually done it. This was very abrupt and today was literally the first time she has said this (I am in the second term of IB1) She just said this very casually so I am not sure how serious she was. Now I am very very worried because i tend to upload the reflections around two weeks after the activity so that I have the pictures and stuff to go along with it. This year is also the year our school is going to have examination from the IB so they can be even
  3. The first group of subjects would likely be easier than the second one, since ess is much easier than biology in terms of syllabus. It is generally what people take if they aren't interested in sciences but want to suffice for the diploma. But keep in in mind that ESS is also harder to score higher in(according to statistics) Taking three languages is also one of the easier combinations because the content is not as large as other subjects. History may be useful for Law, but only to a small extent and the importance would be really slight, if any. Taking language at HL would be pretty hel
  4. You ARE taking three very difficult subjects. If you like Maths and Bio, you could still continue with them. Instead of taking Lang Lit at SL you could consider changing it to HL and dropping Chem to SL. Personally I take English Lit HL but I feel like the coursework between HL and SL is not very different. If you are good at Korean you could also take that at HL(if you're doing it at B, that is). Ofcourse, you should also consider what you want to do in the future. If you want to medicine it would be a little useless to take Maths at HL. In the end you should take what you really like to do.
  5. If thats the case, it's great ! It's just that some people in my class took both even though they wanted to take other humanities like psychology, philosophy etc and after two months they regret it which is a shame.
  6. I'm a bit late but I just wanted to tell you: Neither business or eco are actually REQUIRED by universities for programmes like Business or Marketing. In India particularly there is a misconception that you need to take all the subjects in the commerce stream to do management courses. If you actually looked at university websites some actually specifically state that a combination of both Eco and BM is highly unpreferred(Like LSE and Edinburgh). Of the two you should take Eco as it is more preferred and easier to score a higher score in(according to statistics).
  7. Art constitutes of three different art: Literature(poetry, stories, novels etc.), Performing arts(dance, music, theatre), and Visual Arts(sculpture, paintings etc). Literature is also called a liberal art, but definitely not a Visual Art. ART is at large talked about in the context of art work, so it depends what context you are intending to use.
  8. I know this is pretty late and may not change your mind, but you really shouldn't do an IA on a company that is operating abroad. In fact, you should't even do it for a business whose directors you are not in personal contact with, because these people will not be very willing to provide very personal/intensive information to you. This is likely to harm the quality of your IA, because you need to expound on one particular topic. Remember that you have to write a WHOLE LOT in your IA.
  9. Your HL subjects are pretty good (however difficult). Visual Arts is not a preferred subject for many universities, but I don't really think one subject (especially at SL) would matter.You should also keep in mind that Art is VERY time consuming at both HL and SL level. As for chemistry, you should only take it if you are really interested in it and want to do something related to it in the future. I'm not experienced with it myself, but for a glimpse of how hard it is: three people in my class got an A* in it in IGCSEs but they find it really hard now. One boy started crying after his first t
  10. Wait, I thought that ab initio subjects were only available in SL?
  11. For psychology, most universities require one of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or Psychology(I looked at Southampton and KCL), so you will probably be fine with Psychlogy HL. You should still check for the universities you want to go to. As for political science and international relations(which I want to do myself!) it mostly doesn't matter. At best an essay based subject may be required which Psychology should satisfy .
  12. I'm taking French B myself, but I think I could be of some help to you. Do you have any Goethe Zertifikat centres near you? They'd be pretty efficient at helping you learn German(I'm going to Alliance Francaise classes myself). If not, you can try out online FSI German courses too! I was doing them for fun in the holidays and by the second class itself, I was able to make sentences in German(It has about 27 large lessons). It may feel boring and mundane but the results are visible. You can start at a later level in it. Watch movies, listen to songs, translate English songs to German,
  13. He doesn't visit this website anymore, but it is available on his page for VIP members.
  14. Wow, really? Lol, my sister wants to do medicine and she talked to the career counselor about it, and she says it is really quite hard to get in, she needs to work hard if she doesn't want to waste a few extra years of her life for medicine. Did your friend go directly into medicine or did she take a separate undergraduate first? Of course, by top universities I meant universities like Cardiff of LSE. I'm sorry if I sounded ignorant I was basing this off what my career counselor said.
  15. Of course you are! Just don't expect to be admitted to a very good university, or a competitive course like medicine or the like. The only time you're actually ineligible is when you fail school.
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