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  1. @SC2Player: Do you still have the materials your teacher gave you? It could contain more detailed citation of the original article. My next step is to try to find the article in Japanese with the help of a friend who learns Japanese. It could be that the article was never fully translated to English. But the study seems to be discussed exclusively in the IB world. I think that is a very strong clue Edit: @Vioh Thank you, that makes sense. Let's hope people will read this and avoid mentioning it in their essays as I just did in my mocks
  2. Monk Serotonin Study (Kasamatsu & Hirai, 1999) seems to by an extremely popular study on IB-related websites (including this one), however, my IB Psychology teacher believes this study actually does not exist. I tried to find other mentions of this study apart from those IB sites with no success. Google Scholar was not helpful either. If the study was published in 1999 as suggested for example in the IB Revision Guide in the pinned post, that would be a little weird, since Tomio Hirai died in 1993, and Akira Kasamatsu was his teacher, so he was probably even older. So it really s
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