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  1. You could look at historical developments of other AOK'S such as Maths, Human Sciences or the Natural Sciences. This is just an idea, but I think this should be the focus of your essay given the title.
  2. I don't think this RQ is focused or specific enough for an EE. However, it is a good starting point for your research. Maybe try analyzing the impact of VAT on the petrochemicals industry in U.A.E. I don't really know how you could do an EE on this though. See if you can interview owners of small shops about how the introduction of VAT has affected their business. If you could get data from any company that would be awesome. Also, read up on many news articles and research papers. They have a lot of interesting ideas.
  3. You can speculate to an extent. I think that the govt is trying to reduce cost - push inflation and rather promote demand- pull inflation. Cost push inflation has more serious consequences for an economy (leads to recession, unemployment), whereas demand pull inflation expands total output. Also the article says that onion exports were banned "to keep the price surge (of onions) from spiraling out of control". So the main aim behind banning onion exports was to keep the price of onions from rising too high. Of course, you could still investigate the effect of this ban on AD.
  4. No, it doesn't make any sense for the banning of the exports of just one good to affect AD as a whole. Maybe you could generalize this to the food basket an average Indian consumes?? Again, don't take my word for it. Ask your teacher
  5. A good BBA program in Canada is offered by Brock University and I think you have a good chance with these scores. You could possibly also get into McGill University. However, University of Toronto and UBC are highly unlikely with these grades. I'm not sure about business schools in the U.S though.
  6. Yes I think you could use this article . The article mentions "retail inflation " , which likely indicates PPI (The producer price index to measure inflation). So you could likely have a paragraph about this. You could talk about interest rate cuts boosting inflation towards the RBI'S targets. These are just a few ideas, but confirm with your teacher if you could use this.
  7. OK , first of all you have to know that failing IB is not the worst thing. You could go to a community college after IB and continue your studies there. You could also retake them in the November session. I would suggest you to make a daily study schedule. Put in more hours on subjects that you do not understand. Talk to your teachers about exam technique and time management (perhaps this is where you lose marks). Try and perfect your IA's so that you don't lose out there. Take some help from friends. Just remember that suicide is NEVER an option, however bad your circumstances are.
  8. Yes, that should be fine. However, you could also come up with solutions that are appropriate in the context of your article
  9. Yes, I believe you can. But I suggest asking your supervisor for confirmation
  10. I think that the best way to go about this is to write down all the studies chapter wise. When you start to memorize, write down the aim, procedure, and findings for each study. This should facilitate your memory. Keep in mind though scoring a 7 is still not easy (nobody scored a 7 in our batch!!!) even if you have memorized all the studies. The essay writing techniques are the most important (especially critical thinking).
  11. A lot of people in my school who have taken both subjects say that Chem is harder. But it ultimately depends on your interests. I suggest to try both at HL for a few months (So, you would have 4 HL's) and then decide which HL to drop to SL.
  12. Yeah I think it should be since it does involve a loss of govt tax revenues
  13. So, the article basically talks about a sudden fall in the value of the peso against the US dollar. Market-driven, in this case, suggests that the peso is under a freely floating exchange rate system, but the article talks about intervention by the central bank to counter the volatility (sudden fluctuations), so this actually suggests a managed floating exchange rate system. You can start by talking about the impacts of a highly volatile currency on the Philippines' economy and then possibly mention the ways the central bank could counter this and the effects of countering the volati
  14. I think that you should research on the potential studies that you can use in your EE and narrow your choice based on the number of studies that each question has. Personally, I think that the relationship between schizophrenia and dreaming is an interesting and unique topic, but that's just my personal opinion. As I said intense research is the key to effectively select a topic.
  15. Remember that in the TOK course, we are interested in knowledge issues. So, virtual reality and bacteria in food are not appropriate topics for a TOK presentation. However, if you have an RLS that is about the ethical implications of virtual reality, you can possibly extract a KQ from it that focuses on ethics.
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