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  1. Hmm, I'm only seeing a faint link to my problem from your answer The thing is I have a lot of arguments, (true some I have done research on but others come from my little brain !) would you have a suggestion as to how I should make my selection ? Otherwise there's gonna be an overflow of arguments (for and against) and the whole piece'll be super shallow and it's sad because I could really write 3 pages on each argument But thank you for the answer ! It somehow made me think a bit further, maybe I should only select those arguments I can detail on, or the personal ones ?
  2. Hey guys ! So I have been working for some time already on my ToK essay (whose question is: How important are the opinions of experts in the search for knowledge) and I realised two major problems concerning my essay. One was the structure of my arguments (forget about it, I know how to fix that, it'll just take time...) and the other one was concerning my arguments themselves. In fact, I seem to have A LOT of them (either for or against) and the thing is if I cite them all, the essay itself would seem really shallow. So does that mean I'll have to select some arguments that I'll explore with
  3. Hi guys ! I have to hand in my E.E. tomorrow afternoon fully finished and I am practically done. But I have done mine in French A2 and since I am in an English speaking country (Australia), two or three of my sources are fully in English. Since I quoted them, do I have to translate them in French or do I just put them in in English ? I hope my question made sense and will be able to help more than one out there who's doing their E.E. on a language other than the one spoken in their country. Thank you in advance, Good luck to all !
  4. Hey ! Well I had a friend doing his E.E. on economics and he used primary sources like the prices of a good in a local supermarket and something like that (it would depend on what you are doing it on though ?)
  5. 1. Yes you do, and it has to be on one of the books you studied specifically for the IOP (3 for SL, 4 for HL, I believe, I may be slightly off). 2. No it has to be on books from that option. 3. You don't have to do something about the culture of the countries for A1. Maybe for A2! For A1 you need to do a literary analysis to show your understanding and appreciation of the text, whatever it may be. 4. No you don't have to interact with the audience, it can just be a speech. Obviously you take questions at the end (which will be mostly from the teacher unless you have one of those real keen-o's
  6. Ok, now I am really confused. I have to give back a detailed plan of what I am to do for my Interactive Orals tomorrow and I have no idea .. so I started browsing through ibsurvival ("Helpful Procrastination" !) and everything I've read up to now is getting me really confused .. so I've got some questions, if anyone's willing to kindly guide me there ! They're all about the interactive oral presentations : Do we have to do it on one of the books we were taught ? Or at least on one of the options we took ? Because I've read that you have to do something about the culture of the countries whe
  7. Guess I should also take into account that it'll help me improve my language skills and I might change teachers in Bio/Chem as the one we have right now might be leaving us at the end of that year .. sad. So I think I'll actually take EE French, and if ever, I can always change mid-way I guess huh. Thank you-s y'all ! That was great help from everybody, I'll take the EE French.
  8. Hi all ! This is my first time actually posting a topic on any forum so I'm not super sure as to how it works or anything .. meh, anyway. So ! I was wondering whether I should choose to do my EE on French or Chemistry or Biology ? French is a topic I am very fluent in, where I can write a lot starting from a very basic topic, and that I don't mind writing stuff on. I don't mind literature, it's not like hell or anything. Problem is I find it kinda boring and I can't come up with any topics anyway .. but I get good grades. However, we also have to take into account the fact that the teacher su
  9. What I'm doing right now for CAS is - Taking mandarin lessons outside of school every Saturdays, - Learning to ride my bicycle (hehe, I know I'm old for not knowing how to ride a bicycle but hey, that's how bad I suck ! ) - Working at the primary school I used to be before ! Haha, I've played violin too but I quitted *no specific reasons really*, anyway, off subject. Of all the CAS activities you do, what my school taught us was that one of the three activities has to be something new, so if you're starting something new in somewhere else than Creativity, then it's quite alright ! The only i
  10. Well I'm not really that sure since I'm just kicking off with IB, But I think practising is the key of success for scientific subjects like Math and Chem (Physics maybe ? I didn't take Physics :/).
  11. 50 - 50 - 50 = 150 ! But that's the minimum for our school though, of course we can go over !
  12. Well the typical Creativity/Action idea would be dancing classes ? Or maybe you could create a group of creativity writing for little kids at your school ? & Make them write a story starting with random pictures or something around the lines ? That's what most people in my class are doing right now ! Sounds like it's working well too. So here goes my suggestion , good luck !
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