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  1. Does anyone know any other college websites? So far, I've used College Confidential [not the best source of information, if you ask me] and this new one The Collegiate Blog, but I'm looking for one that I can read reviews of the school, preferably from other students?
  2. I do not have any experience as an international applicant for U.S. schools (I live in the U.S), so take my advice with that in mind: When I was applying to Vassar College, there was a "Your Space" available on the application - basically, you could put anything in there. I put an excerpt from my Extended Essay. My main reasoning was: No one wanted to read my whole essay (approximately 3 700 words) except my adviser and the IB examiner. And my adviser didn't even read the whole essay, I think. Regardless, there are many, many, many students (both internationally and domestically) that are appl
  3. This is incredibly vague, but I was wondering if anyone had any list of the general topics one would need to study to score high. I really have no idea what to study and my teacher smartly says, "everything!" every time I ask her. Specifically, I would like to look at topics that typically appear on paper 2s, because I know there are different questions under different categories. I'm just so confused/lost because there's no way I'll be able to memorize everything from my teacher's unorganized notes. Thanks!
  4. So, to answer your question, everything will be on the 2012 Biology exam.
  5. Just curious - will you be uploading the link soon?
  6. Going with what many of you guys said, I decided to choose Options E (Behaviour) and G (Ecology). My teacher taught Options D and G. After discussing it with him, he suggested I do Option G since I seemed to understand it well (and somewhat was interested in it). Since I did badly on Option D in class, it would be the same as choosing any other option. After telling him I was interested in Option E, and knew some of it from AP Psychology, he said it might be better. Regardless, I'm interested in both of my options and they're not going to kill me! Thanks everyone.
  7. This is a big topic for me in particular. I already submitted my pieces for HLA and I was able to show both the video in totality in both the record book and in my investigative workbook. It took time and effort, and I even included a copy of the artwork in my actual book so the examiners can watch the video if they choose to. My teacher had no objections to it; he even encouraged it. He may have been wrong, though... Nevertheless, I would advise anyone: you could at least try it, if you're interested. Regardless if there is another subject strictly for videos (I mean, there's Film already...
  8. I'm sure this has been answered numerous times, but I just can't find it in the search bar, so... Are you allowed to choose your own options for the examination? My teacher selected 2 that he assumed were the easiest, and while I may agree, I want to challenge myself, and perhaps even enjoy learning about something else (I don't know why, but human physiology is so interesting)! If it is possible and I do end up studying, let's say, Option H, does the teacher/IB coordinator have to approve of it before the exam? It'd be such a hassle to do that, and I can only imagine the scene both of them wo
  9. I I wouldn't say it's easier... just different. I did better on the ACT, but I know many people who performed much worse than their SAT testing. I would recommend anybody take both.
  10. Ah, I was lucky enough to have a friend who had a spare copy of the syllabus on hand with my teacher's notes. If I were you, I would pull up the syllabus and read over the criteria. Since you're taking Option B, that means your IWB pages are being moderated by the IBO, meaning they better be pretty amazing (not that they shouldn't if your teacher was grading them - but still... it's the IBO). Again, just read over the criteria (the part that mentions culture/technique/etc.) and find pages that match the areas. If you get pages that match up all 8 criterion, then that's even better. I felt so
  11. I am confused by the rubric and previous examples that I've seen regarding IWB page selection for the Internal Assessment. Does anyone have any concrete method or decision in how they chose their pages?
  12. My instructor insists that we do, but be cautious. Decorating a page with a simple paint or being creative fulfills the "presentation of work and critical thinking" rubric for the IWB, but making it illegible by making the background too distracting would do more harm than good. Happy researching!
  13. I'm just going to organize your list by group so we can both see it more visually. If you wanted to go the architecture route... Group 1: English SL Group 2: Spanish ab initio (SL) Group 3: History HL or Economics HL Group 4: Physics SL Group 5: Math HL Group 6: Visual Arts HL Alright, that doesn't look too bad. I know students in my school who are taking the above courses, except they are taking the English HL course but plan to take the English SL examinations. If you're looking more towards architecture, I would definitely recommend the above schedule because you have your core subjects s
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