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  1. Honestly, my research question may be subject to change. It's just that at this moment, that's what I have so far. Thanks for the ideas/insights! Also, would it hurt me if I was to rely solely on Brave New World without referring to any scholarly sources?
  2. So after procrastinating for all of IB1, I've decided to get down and dirty and start on my extended essay. I was wondering if using only a single source, novel Brave New World, would be sufficient. Also, I was thinking of analyzing the role of men (John, Bernard, Helmholtz, and Mustapha) in the way they challenge the idea that science and technology is the key to social stability. Any critiques so far?
  3. It still ended up with 3986 or so, something in the '80s. It depends largely on the scope of your chosen topic. I began by pulling quotes and formulating arguments/points from 1984 first, but when I finished going through that book I realized I already had enough material for a complete EE. Rather than whittling down my RQ and picking up the second book, I just went ahead with what I had. Well thank you very much! I've just been given quite the confidence boost I hope you get high marks on your EE!
  4. Haha, what a coincidence. What's more is that I'm also thinking about switching my focus to just a single novel. I also found that the IBO never specifically state if we need X amount of sources, and it's encouraging to hear that there's someone else out there that saw this too. I'm just wondering, but what was your word count from using only a single source?
  5. I'll be doing my EE in English I'm comparing Brave New World and 1984 And like you, I only want to use my books as my sources
  6. Is there a minimum count for the number of sources we'll use for the EE?
  7. Thanks for the insights so far! Truthfully, we haven't even begun to talk about WL in general! We just finished our IOPs and we have about 4 days off before the semester starts again, so I just wanted to get ahead due to my possession of books we will be covering. ^^" So would preparing for the WL essays be the same process as preparing for the IOP?
  8. Okay, besides the obvious - "one is a written essay, and the other is a speech," - "one is an external assessment, and the other is an internal assessment," I was wondering if there was a significant difference between the WL essays and the IOP. Thanks for any constructive replies
  9. I'm just wondering if its acceptable to draw your own graphs for a Lab Report, or does it need to be computer generated? If the 2nd one is the only option, where could I generate my graphs? All replies are welcomed!
  10. Hey there, I'm also another follower of the AJATT method xP I've been at it for about 3-400 hours so far and the learning is sensational. If you havent, go to Youtube and search up All Japanese All the Time. Its Khatzumoto talking about his experiences with the Japanese Language. Every time i'm discouraged, I got watch his videos for inspiration For those unaware, try to get as much input as possible! For example Download as much Raw Manga as possible and just keep looking at it until you can read it, or just make out random characters I get mine from here: http://mangahelpers.com/ Also, jus
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