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  1. Oh that must be annoying. Try the high schools in denmark then, i heard there was a high failing rate this year so they probably opened up the November exams for outsiders. best of luck!
  2. Hey! i retook my exams in RCN UWC (red cross nordic united world college) i studied in BG in denmark, so the only place i found was RCN, it supplied me with all the subjects i needed to retake, so i hope it can help you too 😉. i called all the different schools around nordic europe, the answers used to be “only our students”, “we saw no success in it” but with corona i think they may have different answers. good luck!
  3. I talked about the legitimacy of maos generosity, and how his doctor documented that maos intentions were true in the flowers campaign, but that could debatable because the doctor could have easily been manipulated into writing what mao want. And then how different sources could be biased and how its very debatable if maos intentions were true or a trap, and whatnot. I used a source from a historian who fleed the regime, the historian had some diary entry or opinion about it, compared it to the doctors note and what not mao went through, and compared the legitimacy of it all and how the source
  4. I am on holidays right now, when do u need it? I wont be able to look for it until September, and i am not so sure i even have it on my hard drive anymore, however i can give perhaps a set-up on how I discussed the debate on the topic. It was really easy, literature wise comparing and contrasting, along with all the propaganda to support it, it was a easy ride.
  5. Heyy! contact RED CROSS NORDIC UWC in Norway. Apply before the fees double 😉. just call them, or if you cant, just email the main office i guess. See how the situation is. good luck!
  6. you are welcome! I can see that you are also taking them, and in Norway hahah, good luck!!
  7. Yahhh i diiddd! It was good experience but im sitting again this may because My grades were not satisfying. it took me alot of time to find a school like, a month or two.leaving me with a month of study, i keep underating IB forgettting it needs a month of mental preparation and then another month of studyinf lol. I only had 4 weeks to study so. But yah i went haha.
  8. basically damage your sketchbook with a whole bunch of stuff that comes to your mind, my sketchbook was ****, still aced that with a 6 looool, but what you need to understand, visual arts orbits around your inspiration, so you need to really be expressive, otherwise nothing can inspire you in a sense. anything can inspire you, from a bird dying, to your mom making breakfast. the teacher usually gives you a theme, if not, make one yourself, brainstorm, you dont have to be good at drawing, you have to be good at expressing yourself. youre behind obviously, what you need todo, is get
  9. This is a rather annoying question sorry.. but i had a discussion with someone who told me that short stories are not allowed to be talked about in paper2, plz.. this is like my end game right here.
  10. Do u guys possibly know if we can talk about short stories in paper2?
  11. i just got my history remarked and got it back, it went up by 3 marks, and i was 5 marks away from a 5. dude just remark. like literally its worth it even if you dont get a grader higher. you would still feel relieved if you get more marks, but its your choice and risk.
  12. hk18


    So i got my november retake results and i am 5 marks away from a higher grade in history, i need one point to get 24 points. i registered for the may exams to retake, so what is the risk? i have the money, ( starting work was so beneficial ) should i just send my papers? has anyone ever miraculously gotten a higher point from like an everage of 5 marks increase? (i legit know i did good and wrote my ass off with quotes and dates, and historians, i think someone is biased and i keep getting the same teacher that corrects my stuff cause i legit don't understand) help
  13. Did u do the remark? Cause im also 4 marks away in history and i need one point for the diploma~
  14. sooo, have a question concerning IB retakes, what happens if you don't show up? does it affect anything? like does it ruin the diploma that you might already have?..
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