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  1. Yes that is no problem. You will know once you are in the middle of IB. Either way why take on 4, I mean it is more work no? I know that my school says to take 4 if you are taking math at HL just to be sure so if you drop it you will have a backup.
  2. I would check if potential universities you want to go to accept math studies. Also why 4 HL’s?
  3. It really depends on the uni... It might be yes. Some universities do not accept Maths Studies at all, no matter what course.
  4. I would suggest to check the entry requirements for the universities you want to attend potentially, before you drop to Maths Studies. I did that when I dropped.
  5. You cannot really have a headstart. However once you start the IB, you may want to study for 1 hour approx every single day for a specific subject or do whatever study method suits you best.
  6. Do what you think you can pursue in best. I personally would prefer Econ SL but that is because I am good at it. However seeing as you get good grades in Chem SL, i would take that. It is not a lot of workload if you understand it well.
  7. If you are not interested, do not take it. Then take Chem SL.
  8. Are you sure you want a group 4 subject even? I mean it would be an easier way out to take another group 3 subject. I mean except history and psych, i would argue, they are easier on workload.
  9. No they will not say anything. I have a friend that did something totally different than what we studied. But be careful to still refer to the criteria. It does not mean anything if you have deeper knowledge but dont follow the criteria.
  10. shellziess

    HL Paper 3

    Hello, contact me personally and I will send you my powerpoints for Topic 14. I am not sure I have resources for Topic 15 but I will check.
  11. I’d say look at Japanese invasion of China prior to World War 2 and try to come up with a topic from that. The Cold War period is not so interesting unless you wanna look at US involvement in Japan post World War 2.
  12. It would be a category 1 because you are not looking at language.
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