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  1. So since I am a High level, I can not? damn, I have no idea what to do then...
  2. My beloved Tony Frankie and Bert my three favourite boys in what used to be my favourite bands. Mest, My Chem, and The Used. (Mest and The Used is still in top, but not My chem no more...)
  3. Hey I am writing my TPPP as I speak. I have my test run tomorrow the "mock" and I was just wondering... I am writing about when I directed a play and performed as the maincharacter in the same because our second performance was 2 plays that we performed... and i am then also talking about our last performance which was Waiting for Godot. my question is then, can i not do this? Do I have to choose to talk about one of the plays from the second performance? Because I should be able to talk about both right? they were very short also? Please tell me I can do this! haha, but be truthful of cou
  4. Hi, I have two teachers in theatre. one says that we can use the plays we have written for IPP and the other one says that we cant unless they have been performed... Do anyone know if I can write about the play that I have written for my IPP? Kind of bummed out since I thought this was possible! And I have started... dont know what else to do!
  5. Hi, i was just wondering if you could argue that as well as maths being objective truth you can as well say that it could be pragmatic truth? "Truth happens to an idea. It becomes true, is made true by events. Its verity is in fact an event, a process: the process namely of its verifying itself, its veri-fication." - William James I was thinking because calculating is a process and hence if correct it verifies the answer? Do anyone get what I mean? /Manda
  6. 1 class of Pdp's, 1 class of IB1s and 2 of IB2s (they had to reduce the number of students for economical reasons i suppose, or lack of interest) = about 30 pdps, 30 IB1s and we are about 56 IB2's its not an all IB school. do they exist?
  7. I am very confused when it comes to defining truth, does anyone have any good link to articles or a philosopher that defines truth? Thanks, A
  8. Thank you so much, it did help! god... I'm getting nowhere really. But I do love IB survival! I'll definitley do as you said. But just to make it clear... I do not need an example that includes all three areas to show how its different, I can treat them equally and compare and still have examples?
  9. If me, liking history better than English... NO... used to be equal but now no English bettah! NP has never heard of Tony Lovato
  10. Hi, I do not understand how to do the examples. I have understood that I need to have 2 examples... I have topic one ”To what extent is truth different in mathematics, the arts and ethics?” But I dont understand what kind of examples I am supposed to have, I don't get it at all and I am starting to freak out. God I hate TOK. First draft due soon... still got winter/christmas vacation... and as you IBOers know we never got vacation... Longing for May 18th my last Exam! (still dont want it... failure is inevitable.) I'm greatly thankful for some... insights to this problemo! Manda
  11. Hi, I am going to hand in an outline in december for my individual project portfolio but still dont know what or rather how to write it. I have written a play that I thought I could use, anyone know how this can be used? I really dont get it, and no one else in my class do either. We will probably be handed the stimuli today, which is so scary! Dont really know how that is going to be done either but anyway... We have not gone through the rationale, the additional essayish thing that is to be written. I am as always so thankful, if someone knows what I need // A
  12. just one tiny question, the critique of sources is not in the word count right? even though i am kind of hoping it is right now because i do not have sufficient amount of words.
  13. Hi, as you are all aware of while doing the IB you are a slave under the criterias... We have not gotten the criterias for the Research investigation does anyone have them? For the first draft we are clueless... Please if someone have them, please give them to me!
  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Feels a little bit better! Sitting at class as we speak which we have about this RI, so thanks! // Manda
  15. Hi! Me and my fellow theatre students would love for someone to tell us how the structure is looking for the Research investigation, our teacher says that she cant tell all of us. We do not even know the basic structure. To be honest I dont even know what to do... the outline is due tomorrow, pheu its just an outline, its still manageable. I mean you get the structure in the EE so why cant we know for the RI? I know that I am rambling I am just avoiding spending time on my RI... I am writing about the Chester cycle... Medieval English Theatre... I dont have a Research question yet no. I am ju
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