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  1. I have questions about the actual, physical diploma. Our IB Coordinator didn't tell us about this much. When are we supposed to get the physical diploma(as in the paper)? Will it come with our scores for the components of each subject?(As in IAs and such?) If it doesn't how do we get the component scores, or do we get them at all? Thanks!
  2. Many of my teachers made it seem that way but when I took the APs there were definitely things that I didn't learn in the IB coursework. I think by studying for IB exams it helps you retain a lot of the information, but go to the local library and check out AP guidebooks, like from Princeton Review, and read them over. That's what I did. I'll know how compatible AP and IB are when I get my scores from AP, which apparently is tomorrow for me? I'm not sure.
  3. I think I put recombinants as well. Some people in my class said they put polygenic inheritance or something.
  4. I thought this paper was much easier than what I was expecting. Anyone do D and E, Evolution and Neurobiology and Behavior?
  5. The question about long-day plants and flowering and I think I put the answer that said something about Red light P® converts to P(fr) which promotes flowering? I looked it up and I think this is right? Does anyone else know?
  6. I know you weren't asking me, but I'll answer anyway: I wrote almost two full pages for 4c. Glomerular filtrate refers only to the liquid in the glomerulus. Urine is formed in the collecting duct. I was asking anyone who did that question. Thanks Yeah, I wrote 2.5 pages for it, and after I finished, I realized that was too much for 8 or whatever points. Haha me too! I arrived at the testing site at 750, but I had to study more so I crammed for 8 more minutes and ended up a couple of minutes late, but they hadn't started. But the information I got in those last minutes saved my butt in P3
  7. sweetnsimple, I was definitely too busy cramming for Paper 3 this morning to reply to your post =) So whoever said that (Sandwich? I don't remember) was right. I feel like if I was even more prepared I would have felt better on biology. I think I should have done okay though. Hopefully. I put - and - for that question too. I didn't get why they didn't just use words or something. And I think I also put X-linked, recessive for the pedigree question. I have to say I absolutely hate pedigree charts. I don't know which one you mean by the backwards recombinant one, the one where they give you the
  8. Oh haha. I'm a girl. No I don't think I picked it to aggravate them. It's strange how it turned out because I used to want to go to UF. A reason I told them was because in Honors my classes are small. While I don't take all honors classes, some of them will be. I hear at UF a lot of classes are a lecture hall of 100 students. It just seems like UCF would be better for me. And I think the environment around UCF is better for me as well. As a person who wanted to go to university in New York, a big city, I don't know how I would like a college town like Gainesville.
  9. I'm picking Neurobiology and Behavior since I took Psychology and my Psychology teacher went over the biological aspect in more detail than my biology teacher(who was of no help anyway) and I'm also thinking of doing Evolution. The teacher who retired last year knew his stuff a whole lot more, and he told us not to do Ecology because many students think it is fairly easy when they answer the first few questions, but it gets a lot harder. I don't know though, that was his viewpoint. I also have this question then. I'm picking Neurobiology and if I have time I might try and study 2 more options
  10. Ahhh yes. That's the word I'm looking for. I'm not thinking straight. Okay this may also sound like a stupid question but having a degree in honors is basically being in the Honors program, correct? Because I know they have all of those honors in the major sort of things. My cousin went to UF for Undergrad and he told me that Honors is basically useless because it's not put recognized or something like that. I'm not sure if he was talking about just at UF or Honors in general. I know the UCF Honors program is much more comprehensive than UF's though.
  11. I'm currently a student in Florida, USA and am planning on staying in-state for college since it is a lot cheaper. I was choosing between University of Florida and University of Central Florida. I have been accepted into the Honors program at UCF and have also decided to go there. My parents don't like this choice, however, because everyone tells them that UF has more name recognition and prestige than UCF, and thus is a better choice. To me, I feel like if I tried hard enough I could get far in life even if I went to a lower ranked school. Does ranking mean everything, really? What annoys me
  12. Hey! TZ1 too! We didn't really review Ethiopia either, but we did talk about the failure of the League of Nations. I don't think I included much of my own knowledge for the last question, since I didn't know much. I just said that it was an example that Hitler looked to to see that Britain wouldn't do anything, so it led him to rise in power or something like that. I'm hoping I didn't outrightly fail Paper 2 because I felt like I didn't know so much. I did number 1 about the states other than Germany in the outbreak of WW1 and the question in the Cold War section about Gorbachev's policies en
  13. I think I'm in TZ1. I did number 1 for Drama. It was something about Drama always containing rituals. Did anyone else choose this? I'd like to know how you guys tackled it because I am afraid of the possibility that I misinterpreted what it was asking me or something along the lines of that.
  14. I use it and I have to say I love it. Not because I am self-centered or anything like that. I use it as personal blog. If there is ever a moment I found funny or memorable or if something happened that I thought I should remember, I whip out my phone and send it to Twitter. It's usually a quote someone said or something like "I had the most incredible day with my friends. We did blah, blah, blah.", so one day I can look back at it and remember that day. I also like that it's not shown to everyone like how a status on Facebook is. Oh and there's not ONLY celebrities that use Twitter. News chann
  15. Another question I had was about the General Questions section. My teacher says he does not recommend we do those and that they should be an emergency fall back if there is no way we can answer the Drama questions. I was wondering if it is indeed harder to score higher on Paper 2 if I did one of those questions. If I do answer those questions, any advice in doing well on it?
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