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  1. Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask all those Ibers out there this question: What did you learn in IB that you will always cherish in your life?
  2. okay, so UBC had a conditional offer of 24 points (diploma) however my results are as follows: Math HL- 3 Physics HL- 3 Chem HL- 4 Eng SL- 4 Eco SL- 5 French SL- 5 TOK (B) + EE © = 1 point Total points 25 points Needed 24 points BUT i didnt get the diploma cause i got less than 12 in my HL's do you think my offer for UBC will remain? or am i just unliuckyy?
  3. TOK was fun to learn. Amazingly hard to writee.....
  4. IA done: Patterns of Linear Equations Grade: 17/20 After Moderation: N/A IA done: Modeling a building Grade: 16/20 After Moderation: N/A I will probably get marked up.
  5. I think personally that Maths HL is highly regarded as a respected and important subject for most of the universities.
  6. I accepted 3 offers from Canadian Universities namely: Ryerson Uni, Calgary Uni and University of British Columbia. So...its possible. As long as they are not in Ontario
  7. Option G was not that bad! I just didn't remember what was the major product of the electrophilic addition of IBr (or was it ICl? doesn't matter I think I got it wrong anyways ) It was electrophillic addition of ICl....I remembered that because in Paper 1 they asked us for the different ligands...lol I did pretty well in my Chemistry IA, So, I hope my grade doesnt get f'ed up...because of P2 & P3
  8. ***ed up the fun of maths...the papers were a tough nut to crack!
  9. Loved Paper 3 Sets Relations and Group Theory. It was amazing! Mwah!
  10. We did Paper 3 Sets, Relations and Group theory for our class. And I think it is the easiest topic in the whole of the maths syllabus. I absolutely LOVED Paper 3 (Sets & Relations) Esp. drawing out the cayley table for free marks...and proving equivalance relations, bijectivity, one step sub group test and proving a group. My adivce...make sure you have an awesome teacher teaching you. Otherwise you will be losttttt
  11. I did Option A and G. Analytical and Further Organic. I think it wasnt very bad (Option A) although I forgot most of what I had memorised for Option G. Disaster!!
  12. I did the English A1 SL paper and chose the poem over the prose for the simple reason that it was a poem I had analysed 2 years ago while doing the Cambridge International Examinations.I hope my analysis and interpretation of the poem was of sufficient depth. Anyways, it wasnt a great advantage to have seen the poem "Rising Five" by Norman Nicholson, before as I last saw it 2 years ago and I would have a different interpretation now after doing 2 years of International Baccalaurette Programme.
  13. Please help me understand this question better. I understand that we are all learning scholars and we need to help each other to move forward. This is my TOK Topic. Please help me understand the question better as I dont understand it much. "Is it an oversimplification to claim that some Ways of Knowing give us facts while others provide interpretations?" Thank you all
  14. Hey guys, lets try doing this: Instead of posting a new post to reveal your lie, you can just edit your old post and so it would be easy to find the lie. It would also be more organized.
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