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  1. Basically so far in IB I find it quite an enjoyable experience. As I do not have Math and English this semester there isn't much homework. However I am just wondering - for the later years, how long do you guys sleep every night? I slept about 7 hours per night, less when I had a test the next day. And do grade 11 and 12 IB students get spares? I didn't get any in grade 11 or 12. Another thing is, since I am so free now, I am thinking about preparing for SAT - I live in Canada - and take it in grade 10 as if I take it in grade 11, I will need to be quite assiduous as I also
  2. They say that because they're your school officials and their job is to promote IB at your school. Naturally they would say that to entice people into signing up for it. Personally I think IB was worth it, but overhyped. It was worth it because I received transfer credits from my higher level courses allowing me to skip first year courses, and I am currently taking second year biology and chemistry courses at university. I will admit that second year courses are hard and IB doesn't cover everything from the first year uni course (it covers most of it), but I prefer to learn new material and no
  3. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a moderator. Reason: null If you disagree with this action, please report this post and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, IB Survival Staff
  4. We can't give you IA ideas, sorry. That you must come up with on your own as you're the one receiving the grade for it. Hint: Think of (or Google) factors that would affect heart rate/respiration.
  5. Unfortunately I didn't have as good of a TOK experience as Capt'n Marth, due to a few factors: one being the lack of time we had with the course, two being my own attitude towards it. What my school did is leave the TOK course until February of the last year of IB, and all the TOK assessments were due to the IB in the next month. We had about 3 days of lessons where we learned about the different ways of knowing, areas of knowledge, etc. and the rest of the time was given to us to work on our essays/presentations. You would think that this is enough time to finish everything in class (and it p
  6. Don't really have a top 5 since I usually just listen to whatever I'm in the mood for, but here's a great French song:
  7. Here are some topic examples from IBS users: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/4726-what-was-your-iop-topic/
  8. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a moderator. Reason: Thanks for all the links, however there is already a Links section on IBS: http://www.ibsurvival.com/links/. There, you can submit useful links and view links others have submitted. If you disagree with this action, please report this post and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, IB Survival Staff
  9. If IB is bringing down your marks that far, then I would seriously consider dropping IB. An 80 average is OK I guess but not enough to get into a lot of good programs. At the end of the day, a lot of unis don't even care if you did the IB or not; they look at your percentage grades so that they can compare you to the non-IB applicants and they may not even look at your IB grades at all. A 90 average should get you into most places, and if it means dropping the IB to get that, then do it; it will help you so much. Not doing the IB isn't the end of the world as of course, non-IB students still g
  10. Whoa, a future Xavier kid on the forum...welcome! I just finished IB at Xavier so I can be of help to you It's hard to say if your marks are good or not because not all teachers mark the same way...especially in elementary school, you pretty much get what the teacher thinks you should get, not necessarily what you earned (or at least that was my experience). $235/month is steep for only 1.5 hours a week...just saying... A lot of people at my school went to Alliance Francaise for French (basically French classes, they have some geared specifically to pre-IB/IB) and they said it helped a lot (t
  11. The best way to know if you like something or not is to try it! Volunteer or get a job in an area you think you may be interested in and see how you like it. As for myself, hopefully I'll be a researcher. If I hate that, then med school it is... Or if that fails too, I'll open my own massage therapy clinic. I also want to increase my proficiency in French cause I don't want to have spent all this time trying to learn it and then never use it in my job/in life. Increase proficiency in my mother tongue and in other languages would be great too, but I'll focus on French for now. Get married (LOL
  12. If you've seen that they have enough in common already in terms of themes, then The Color Purple and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings should be sufficient.
  13. They seem like good books to choose; not overpopular but not totally unheard of either. You should do some peripheral reading on the books (ie Google search) to see if there are any common themes/ideas to analyze for your EE...it would suck for you to spend time reading both books and then realize that there's really nothing to compare/contrast.
  14. Yeah, sometimes rankings aren't the most important thing in the world Yes, apply for scholarships Two colleges that give good scholarships are University College and Victoria College, so consider that when choosing your colleges since they all offer different things. You live 5 minutes away from UofT? Wow in that case I would definitely stay at home if I were you. Some people who live in residence at UofT probably live further away from it than you do I also applied to UofT and had the option of living in residence or commuting. I was initially going to live in residence since I live about
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