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  1. I've discussed this in a past post, and it has led me here. Rundown of GCR: influx of refugees from Haitian Revolution --> Territory of Louisiana --> GCR (many disputable events because of historians; worries Claiborne that Territory of Louisiana will not become a state of US, so he undermines the GCR to make sure US will accept Territory as a state) --> Louisiana becomes a state For my extended essay I will be analyzing the historiography of the German Coast Rebellion from the following historians in order to understand why the GCR is often overlooked: Charles Gayarre
  2. This is my very rough draft of my introduction, and I will definitely add more to how I became fascinated by Fourier Series.
  3. I'm planning on applying to Brown University and John Hopkins. However, I might get a full ride tuition to University of Texas (rank #20s in biology). The Ivy League Schools have a better reputation and better acceptance for jobs, but then if I get a full ride, then I wouldn't have to pay for an ok university. Planning on majoring in Biology or Biochemistry.
  4. lolkeinthatsghey

    History HL

    History is practically easy as long as you can remember and analyze events. ALWAYS try to review your notes/revise them each day. (Even if it means to skim it for 5 minutes.) When you do take notes, always be sure to make points of causes, short and long term effects, what happened. (You can go even further by separating the notes within those categories into social/political/economical/cultural.) (I don't know how else to put it.) I'm pretty sure you're tired of seeing this tip, but it works: look for and practice with past exams. This is probably the best tip I would have
  5. Paper 1: analyzing sources (OVPL) and the content I like to think of paper 2 and 3 as the IB testing your knowledge of what you have learned in History.
  6. My friend and I were reviewing over ionization energies when we stumbled upon this beauty. (Spoiler reveals our opinion, I wouldn't want you to be influenced by our opinion! What is your opinion on this?
  7. So I keep getting 26+(5*2)+ (12*1.5) = 54 However, the answer is 42? I read the explanation and I don't understand why they divide 12/3?
  8. From what I know (just take it as my opinion) Since you're planning to make a collage type thing with the photos rather than submitting the photos themselves then it should be fine 👍 JUST REMEMBER You can use the photos, but you have to credit who took them. Photos must not have been published on the internet (might be caught as plagiarising - hardly doubt it though - but hey better to be on safe side). Especially recent ones!!
  9. Trying to make some reptile (specifically snake) scales. I wanted a textured effect for my painting. Attempts made already: clay: I'm not clay person so it broke in the kiln 😂 Paper/magazine: cut it into shape of scale and layered it with glue, but it takes way too much time and even then it doesn't come out right If you have any ideas, I'm willing to try! You could also suggest a new way to do the failed attempts.
  10. My concentration will be on recalling dreams. (Most of the time, whenever I do get some sleep, I can vividly recall what happens in my dreams and began a habit of writing the dreams down, so I wanted this to be my concentration.) Can I even do this as a concentration? But my comparative study is on betraying the portrayal of woman throughout history. So does it have to relate in any way???
  11. Summing up things, did perfectly fine living with my poor life until a lot hit me this year (already poor to really poor, stress of little money for my siblings [4 of them] to also go to college, etc) I could only join 1 club last year as a junior due to money problems and will be joining another club next year and that's it. Also, because of the mountain of stress occupying my brain 24/7, I had a really rump year with my grades (made a 4 on Chem SL, but I will work very hard for other ib subjects next year). I know it seems like a bunch of excuses, but my mind just couldn't really
  12. Thanks for your input! I'll probably put more emphasis on the reactions to the event itself, but have a good mix of both. (Feeling good right now because I have a bunch of resources from newspapers, letters, and politicians on the immediate "suppression" of this topic!) However, I spent a good 4 hours trying to search for the exemplar essay you mentioned above. The closest I could get was one where it studied media's interpretation of Vietnam War, but didn't score really well nor mentioned much about Lyndon B. Johnson. I would really enjoy reading this exemplar to see how he/s
  13. My process of how I selected this topic: History > Haitian Revolution > Haitian Revolution's refugees influence on slavery in Louisiana > German Coast Uprising I found this interesting article that stated the German Coast Rebellion was fairly overlooked for certain amounts of reasons (French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, Nat's Rebellion, Louisiana was not a state at the time). I would like to do my EE on this, but I don't know how I would explain how each of these 5 reasons. Would I do a compare and contrast of the reason to the German Coast Rebellion or explain the impact of t
  14. So I tried working it out as this: 3n-2<450 3n<452 n<452/3 And now I'm stuck. I have no clue what to do. Another person solved the answer, but I have no clue where he got 15 2/3 from.
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