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  1. Hey everyone, Hope you are having a good day. Some of you may have known me from past years. I have already made chemistry app two years ago. That app got a lot of attention and many people gave good advises on how to make it better. I put them all together and made new version of the app. Now i am happy to announce new updated app Chemistry for IB for high school students. App has almost everything students need including dictionary for people to search specific terminology and quizzes for every chapter with explanations. Apple Store link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id151
  2. Hello, everyone, I am starting to write my economics IA and I have few questions about the choice of the articles. If someone else (not from my school but from the other side of the world) picks the article that I picked too, would that be any problem? Even if we both had different structures and different explanation, can IBO count this as plagiarism? Thanks
  3. You can try changing the words. Unless you are using exact same words, nothing is going to be a problem.
  4. As far as I know, it is about simple calculations. You need math in Paper 3 and it is simple multiplication, percentage calculation, and simple things. However, you need to think that you will learn at least twice more than SL which was the main reason for me to drop it.
  5. Hello, everyone My aim in my chemistry IA is to determine the activation energy of the reaction between HCl and Iron. Is this topic good enough for me to conduct experiments? I will use different temperatures and calculate the loss of mass in Iron. I already have the apparatus needed but I just feel like this topic is not good enough for IA. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I don't think this is the right website to ask for.
  7. My School offers German, French and English. A typical subject and nothing very special
  8. I personally took a 2-month German course in Summer and I feel like now I have enough fluency to get good grades in German. You can start watching movies in German but that won't help as much as when you go to German course.
  9. I think it is fine as long as your another subject (geography in your case) is not completely new. It is going to be very hard for you especially HL Geography if you haven't studied before. I personally just switched from English HL to SL and Economics SL to HL and my coordinator said it is ok as long as you don't take another new subject.
  10. I know but sometimes there are dropped links in Reddit and other websites where you can get free ib resources. Using it illegally is your own responsibility. Or you can just try files here.
  11. In my school we had to buy it. And a lot of students paid for them. I still managed to find copies from internet.
  12. I do the meditation too and it is very helpful for me. I advise it to everyone
  13. There is a difference between being a feminist today(as a third wave) and someone who supports gender equality. I do support gender equality but I am not feminist at any way.
  14. Just like Wyatt Berckenhoff said, your research question must be really specific. In Hooke's law there are so many things to do with 100s of different ways so you need to be specific
  15. Physics HL is a subject that you need Math HL to study it. If you drop Math then you will have really hard time. If you drop physics, this might affect your future carrier
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