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  1. I live in Australia and I'm planning on travelling to the UK after my IB and hopefully doing a Bachelor of nursing science (not because they don't offer this in Australia, but because my mum lives there and I need a bit of a change and would like to travel.) Does anyone know whether it is possible to do a Diploma of Languages alongside a Nursing Degree in the UK, like you can in Australia? Thanks
  2. I'm doing my EE on Psychology too. Firstly, I'd reccomend going through a list of past EE titles for psychology so you can get some ideas. These can be available on the internet on other school's website, or your own school. Sometimes your school may keep all extended essays for you to browse through, so see if you can arrange to have a look at some... they may have even arranged the best ones for students to look through for examples, so ask them! For Psychology, my school had these titles from 1994-2001: Almost 100 years on from Freud's theory, have the theories of dreaming progressed? · A
  3. I don't know if anyone's seen this website: www.ibpsychology.com I think it's still in production, but it's got some good resources on the extended essay for psych, as well as info and links to all the perspectives. Also: http://www.findarticles.com/ great for EE research http://www.scirus.com/srsapp/ - a search engine for scientific information only... really good for EEs on the sciences and psych http://ibpsychology.blogspot.com/ has some interesting resources, blog entries on the perspectives as well as some sample questions... haven't looked through it thoroughly yet though http://www.a
  4. OMG OMG, it's a whole entire website against the IB: http://www.responsible-ed.org/ "Citizens for RESPONSIBLE education" The thing that really pisses me off about this, is how hypocritical it is. They claim that the IB is a 'threat' to our security. ALL IB DOES IS TEACH YOU HOW TO QUESTION THINGS, you annoying dip****s! Also, that guy is probably just annoyed because he got kicked out IB/ failed IB as a kid, and now he's dedicating his life to decimating it. But yeah, they are probably right. How dare the INTERNATIONAL baccalaureate have wordly views! And teach our children languages other
  5. Oops sorry I miss-read your post, I thought you said there will be an individual IB TOK exam (which was the rumour going on at my school), but I think what you're saying is that there will be ToK like questions on some exam papers... this could be the case. I think there are already ToK questions on some exams, well at least in philosophy
  6. Just to clarify, the "Diploma Guide for schools" on the IBO website, (Which I assume is recent) says: "Assessment of performance in TOK Each student is required to submit one essay between 1,200 and 1,600 words, from a list of 10 titles prescribed by the IBO for each examination session. In addition, the student makes a 10-minute presentation to the class and writes a selfevaluation report that includes a concise description of the presentation and answers to questions provided by the IBO." Nothing about an exam... but I'm still not sure when this was published. Having said that, I typed in
  7. About the ToK thing, There was a rumour going on about this in mid-November spread by the current (now old) year 12s, and an IB ToK teacher @ my school said she'd heard nothing about an exam, and told us to not believe it for now. But I don't know. I highly doubt this is true, as I think we would have heard more about it, and surely the teachers would've been notified!!!
  8. Has anyone seen these articles? http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/006/edwatch/4-7-ib-why.htm http://www.edwatch.org/updates07/021907-terror.htm http://www.edwatch.org/updates07/031707-IB.htm I find this quite funny, kind of scary... but also very hypocritical. It says the IB forces views on its students, yet these people and this article is saying that we should teach children the views that are in line with the American government... I don't think that the IB 'forces' views on its pupils, I just think it teaches us, at least at my school, to question authority, rather than just believe every
  9. I saw the site as a resource at the bottom of wiki books
  10. Well, Nothing is ‘certain’ in psychology; almost everything you learn is a theory, thus I find that psychology and philosophy/ToK can complement each other perfectly, but I don’t think there’s much of a correlation with other subjects that I take. It does involve memorising concepts and theories, but personally I love the course. But if your school doesn't offer IB psychology and you're interested in the subject, you'll probably find just as much enjoyment in the other humanities which can occasionally overlap.
  11. We still use A-Level books for psychology, which can be really frustrating. We have: Approaches To Psychology Psychology - A New Introduction for A Level Psychology Through Diagrams - AS & A Level I think the IB course is similar to the A-level though, but it can be frustrating when you're trying to find something in particular that they don't cover in A-levels, especially in the 'summary' book. I wasn't aware that there was an Australian IB psychology book! Did you order it online?
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