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  1. We're starting on our Extended Essays. I was wondering if there is a specifc, IB-mandated cover page format. And in general, are there any IB stipulations for formatting or is it just kind of whatever as long as it's organized?
  2. OK... just read something else from here: "[Two main points to remember when coming up with a topic for a History EE, quoted from IB EE Guide] Firstly "The topic chosen must focus on the human past, be worthy of study, and lend itself to systematic investigation in line with the published assessment criteria. Essays that focus on events of the last 10 years are not acceptable, as these are regarded as current affairs, not history." " So can a politics EE deal with "current affairs?"
  3. Hey guys, we're starting to work on our Extended Essays and our TOK teacher wants us to have a topic to discuss with him soon. I've been surfing around this website, and read that history EEs are preferably about something that happened over 50 years ago... like here: Is that true? My topic might fit under history, but is likely more of a politics paper. So, my real question is, where exactly do we distinguish between history and politics papers? And how recent can politics topics be? Like in the thread I linked to above, someone said it wasn't advisable to do a history paper on the Cold Wa
  4. Well, for ethics, she says we have to 'consider ethical implications of actions.' I guess that means doing something that is focused on ethical issues/beliefs and moral priniciples. I'm just not sure what I could spend 5 hours doing on that specifically. Thanks By the way, sorry for the kind of demanding-sounding topic title... I tend to overuse the term 'ASAP' these days... so I apologize. I was thinking about putting out flyers/signs in my neighborhood asking everyone to do something to clean up their yard on a certain date (like next Saturday, maybe). It would take action to walk around an
  5. At my school, we have 20 hours of CAS due on Wednesday of this week. I haven't covered action (the 'A' in CAS) or ethics (#7 of learning outcomes). I haven't started anything yet. Advice please! I've been taking ballet class (4 classes a week) since January. The CAS advisor says I can't use this for action unless I develop some kind of program that I teach to the class or something to that end. Never mind her, is there any way I could write taking ballet class up on the CAS forms to make her accept it for action? As for the ethics, she said I could do an additional 5-hour project on just ethic
  6. Well, at my school the juniors complete 5 CAS mini-projects of about 20 hours each. In the senior year, we do a 50 hour major project. I didn't know not everyone did it this way, but I think I have some information together for tomorrow anyways... thanks though.
  7. Hey guys, I'm conducting a meeting at school tomorrow for the Diploma juniors about the Major Project we have to do next year. I'm going to have some seniors on hand so they can describe what they did for their projects and help give some examples/ideas. But can anyone give some background information on the Major Project that you feel is important to know? I'd like to present some basic facts and background and provide them with a good, understandable introduction to it. Thanks SO much! =D
  8. OK... so. This sound really stupid and I know it probably won't work, but out of curiosity, would taking a 38 hour driver's ed class count? Maybe? They talk about using driving in this thread: It's learning a new skill...
  9. OK... so. This sound really stupid and I know it probably won't work, but out of curiosity, would taking a 38 hour driver's ed class count? Maybe?
  10. OK, another idea. I have a neighbor who LOVES to quilt. If I made a quilt or 2 and she "supervised" me, could that could for creativity?
  11. Hey everyone. OK, so my school is requiring us to turn in 15 hours of CAS by next month. I am a junior (11th grade) by the way. Anyways, I have done NOTHING in the way of creativity, action, or service. I'm going to talk to the coordinator tomorrow, but I need some questions answered. -We are fostering some stray kittens right now and are trying to find homes for them. This should count for C, A, and S if I can get someone from the local animal welfare society to sign for 'supervising adult', right? -Would volunteering with a political campaign count for C, A, and S? We have a Senate election
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