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  1. Hey guys! So I was earlier doing a micro economics EE, which had to be discarded because Primary data was becoming a problem. Now My teacher suggested that I do a development economics ee because it'll be quicker. Can someone please help me out with the topic and the structure?
  2. I believe that exams are just a way to quantify the extent to which you can absorb a definite amount of information and serve as indicators of how well you can keep up with your environment. That being said, the environment it tries to test is constrained. Exams don't test your capacity to be innovative or creative. furthermore, they don't test lateral thinking, that's something a quiz does. So, no exams don't serve as parameters for intelligence.
  3. Pri


    I'm starting this topic so as to help people asses their portfolios and what can be done in order to improve their chances of getting into colleges of their choice. I'm really open to solving any of your doubts and have a casual chat if u need one.
  4. Pri


    As of now i'd agree with the previous comment that your scores aren't sufficient, but here's a list of things you could possibly do: 1. Focus on your HL subjects - it is key for you to demonstrate your understanding and in depth knowledge in your HL subjects because universities take it for granted that these are your core subjects. 2. SAT scores- make SAT a priority and devout (in my understanding) around 2 or so hours everyday. Join a study group if you can but what ever you do, concentrate on focusing on your weaknesses. 3. Don't spread yourself too thin - if you have a pass
  5. is this IA topic alright, ' investigation of the refractive index changes with the addition of impurities'
  6. well being an indian student, the academic pressure was always humungous and hence it left very little space for any other activity.. so is the background considered ?
  7. Can a good SAT score cover up for lack of extra-activities ?
  8. Khan Academy is fine but its inadequate. I gave my first SAT based on khan academy scores and while the math scores are ok the English scores won't get you in the Ivies and that's what I am aiming for. Are there any other sites I could use?
  9. Pri


    well I've produced three plays in school and I may also be elected as secretary general for the MUN and may be even president of the senior class and I'm also planning an e-commerce platform, does that count
  10. Tackling SAT and ACT is crucial for anyone applying to the American universities. But with the vastness of IB it also becomes difficult, so if anyone could help me out as to how to go about it. I need to increase my scores by 130 points to get into the university of my choice.
  11. I believe that the best way to manage stress in IB is to tackle small portions everyday If you have an Important exam coming up, start about a week in advance so that you can get a good night's sleep before the exam day. another important thing to keep in mind is that IB is all about self involvement, so don't push yourself to read something if you don't feel like it, on such days just take a break but remember to get back to studying and not use this as an excuse.
  12. Pri

    shakespeare EE

    I was thinking about the merchant of Venice and may be A midsummer night's dream
  13. What can some good Shakespeare EE questions ?
  14. Hey is there a site or some kind of resource for real life examples for every chapter?
  15. we have Maths tok discussions as a part of our formatives. I'm looking for videos that connect Maths to all of the other Subjects
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