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  1. I am pretty sure it isn't, sorry. 'trembling cry' would be an example of personification, the cry is being given human-like qualities of being scared or weak to emphasise ???? depends on the context!
  2. In my opinion, I think a history EE would be the easiest. Once you have a topic and a decent amount of research there isnt that much holding you back keep in mind though, this is coming from a non-historian.. so dont take my word too strongly. I am doing my EE in psych and I enjoy it, but it is a bit difficult. I am finding it similar to how I would write a psych essay or exam question. Your topic sounds good, you could just explore and talk about cognitive psychology in relation to memory distortion. As for english.. it is important to really narrow down your topic and to make sure that you
  3. Hi guys, my chemistry teacher has been throwing us a lot of IA's lately and she keeps going on about how we arent analysing our data well enough. I know that you are supposed to use the experiments repetitions to find averages, SD etc, and then usually go through a test of significance like the t-test. But, for a typical chemistry experiment there wont be many test repetitions (only 3 for my last one ) so its impossible to do a significance test (as you need 10 or so).. My question then is, what have you all done that is considered 'data analysis' ? I am stuck for ideas besides mean/SD/perce
  4. One main reason I have been told for writing a hypothesis is that you are able to use it later in your experiment, as you can reference it in your conclusion. You can justify your results in terms of it, and confirm or disprove your hypothesis or null-hypothesis. Helps you to get better marks But overall, you should always try to include one. Even if it's a really simple prediction, just make it sound scientific according to your research. It's to show the marker you have a general idea of what the experiment could result to, so that you aren't carrying it out blindly with no idea of what's g
  5. I like psychology very much although it may be one of the harder subjects (some people find it worse than others, depends on the person I think) it is definitely one of the most interesting! I know I would rather do it than any other humanity anyway.. The reason for it being difficult/having low grade boundaries I think is partly to do with the assessments. Not so much the IA, but mainly the exam.. as it is notoriously hard to answer a psychology question correctly - "Outline one key concept of the humanistic perspective and discuss its contribution to the scientific study of behaviour" *sigh
  6. Yes, definitely possible. We are all just living in one big game of the sims.. each with our own personality traits and life goals What is your favourite type of pie?
  7. I didn't know this!! That is really lame, I picked the IB over HSC for a reason - to work harder for a better mark, to improve my chances of getting into uni. And this just goes against that.. I understand the change to ATAR, but shouldn't equality and fairness in scoring be a priority? I know the IB already has a pretty good conversion rate, especially with the higher scores (I think its 36 or something and you get an ATAR of 90?) but still, the increase should be standardised to IB as well if it is going to occur. The IB has a hard enough time being recognised and undertaken, and now this..
  8. For your class oral(s), throughout your senior year you will have 3 or 4 chances at it. Your teacher gets to choose what type it is, but I know some common ones are discussion, class debate, a response (to a film or audio) and even just presentations. Out of however many you do, your BEST one (the one you got the highest mark in) is combined with your individual oral mark and averaged to get your overall oral grade. So it's not that bad, cause you have a few shots at it and you can even script something beforehand with your classmates to give everyone a better chance at getting a higher grade
  9. From what you have said, I am assuming there is more than one conversation between Hamlet and Claudius that you intend to analyse (I haven't read Hamlet, don't judge me) If this is the case it will be very easy to hit the 10 minute mark, you just have to be in-depth with your discussion of the tone. One main thing to do would be to find common or similar 'tones' in the conversations and talk about them under a common idea (this might be a theme, style, perspective or something else). If you are able to get 3 or even 4 of these points under development into paragraphs, each with 2 or 3 example
  10. You know you've had one. Any language student will be able to clearly remember that one time so detrimental to their reputation and recall it with ease. At least though, we can laugh In french one time.. we were reading out loud to the class a passage in french, one person at a time. When it was my turn, I came across a word I had never seen before 'dehors', meaning in this context 'outside'. Not wanting to stop and ask what it meant, I took a shot at it. Now, normally, this would be pronounced 'dor'.. quite simple, but how did I do it? 'da-*****' As soon as I said it I realised haha.. but a
  11. I am currently in my third term of French B SL, and I think you will be fine if you can put some effort in! The rate at which everyone is forced to learn makes prior knowledge fairly insignificant (unless you have little to no french knowledge at all), so if you apply yourself you will be able to pick it up with no problem. I definitely dont think you will fail if you try, and like it has been said.. you have to be a real idiot to get a 1 :/ B SL doesn't expect you to be fluent, but you do need a fairly substantial knowledge to be able to go well; I suggest just ploughing through it and takin
  12. Yes, 3 or so I believe.. all a few years ago though, back when I used to eat sugar by the bucket as a child still do love sugar though.. If you could pick a superpower to have, what would it be? Justify your choice.
  13. One thing my teacher always raves on about in LWfC is the connection between emotion and food and the power food has in eliciting a sensation on those who eat it - this is seen throughout the novel, the classic example is when Gertrudis eats the rose-petal quail that Tita made (to impress Pedro?) and she undergoes some sort of sexual empowerment, as these are the underlying desires that Tita is experiencing. And so Gertrudis acts as a median to which all the emotions that the food is infused with are dumped upon. You can go on to talk about the power that food therefore has, and what it means
  14. I am an INTJ also! And it is quite scary how accurate the type description came out to be.. but it was very enlightening, I feel like I know myself better now; especially in regard to relationships, I checked the descriptions of types that I should best get along with and I definitely have close friends that match them I remember we did a similar quiz in psych also this year, but we did it as a class so the end type wasn't really valid haha ..and yes, I do like doing personality tests.
  15. Depends: - Where this body part is, some are more important than others - How embarrassing this body part could be if potentially wrong - How long it had felt wrong/bad But generally, I think I would just leave it. If it stayed/got worse I might get it checked out though. What would YOU personally do for a 45 on your diploma? (if already completed, assume that you are pre-exams, stressed and about to fall apart)
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