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  1. Thanks soo much, I have also done 5 months of pre Ib tutoring and so even I am familiar with the topics now lol. But your input has made me fell a lot better. Hopefully I will do well, thanks again and good luck for ur exams next year
  2. Hey, Thanks for ur response, it was just my opinion abt physics lol but anyway no probs. Btw, how are you going in maths hl? Is it as hard as people make it seem I know it's highly subjective question, but what is ur opinion? Are the unit tests like completely different to whats taught in class, we have had much of maths hl class thats why I am asking you this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, This choice is really up to you. I would suggest you to have a look at the syllabus of Physics Sl and Bio Sl, and which ever makes you feel comfortable please go with that. The thing is I heard in IB nothing is hard as long as you understand the syllabus etc. If you are doing Math Hl, then you shouldn't have much problem doing Physics Sl, I am not sure about Bio since I hate it lol. There are some aspects of memorising(But not much) in physics so as you say you are good at some memorising then I would say go with Physics sl. Finally, if you are doing Maths sl then worry n
  4. Chirag

    Mechanics Test

    @SC2Player Thanks so much for your response, and good luck in advance for ur upcoming exams!! Btw why are you saying that mechanics wont go towards my marks? I didnt understand that part our teacher has told nothing about this to us. Can u please explain.
  5. Chirag

    Mechanics Test

    Hello guys, I have a mechanics test soon for physics hl. So far in my prep I have done tsokos text book questions, worksheets that my teacher has provided me and question bank questions. So should this be enough? I am asking this coz I know that Ib is really famous in surprising u in tests. I heard the tests will be completely different to whats taught in class. Please someone please give me more advice on this, I really want to do well in this test.
  6. ThankYou @kw0573 much appreciated response
  7. Hi guys, For the past couple of months I have been reading many students responses on Math Hl unit tests. Apparently, people say they are "shocking" and completely out of syllabus or whats taught in class. I this really true, please can someone give an insight as of what to expect on unit tests for math hl. A response will be highly appreciated
  8. Thanks so much for your response @Mario Grippay. It is highly appreciated and a big motivation for me. I am doing maths hl, do you understand why people complain about that subject so much in terms of its difficulty?
  9. @Mario Grippay thanks soo much for ur response much appreciated.. regarding ur line where you said a person will struggle in their initial few tests coz they are still settling in ib program, I have 7 months of pre ib tutoring for my ib subjects like maths, physics and chem HL. Does that still mean I will struggle in IB even after a lot of studying, I mean is ib really that hard where u still can't do well in tests after a lot of studying? Finally, what did you do to prepare for any unit tests. Please share anything you did to help you to do well. Reply will be appreciated.
  10. Hi @Mario Grippay I am about to begin my Ib in couple of months, I want to know from you how is the first year gonna be? As you said will first semester be kind of easier than the rest? Can u plzzz explain.
  11. What do you need help with can you please elaborate?
  12. Hello guys, I have query about how everyone prepares for their unit tests in HL Physics. Someone recommended me the Tskokos text book for preparation, the question bank I have all the versions and do all those worksheets my teacher provides in our class. My question is are these things enough to prepare for an unit tests especially at Physics Hl. Can someone please share their experiences. Also can someone please explain why do people call Physics Hl so hard. I mean are the unit tests completely different to whats done in class? Is this rly true. Will be appreciated.
  13. Hi, How did you go in Algebra as it is the most important part of the course?
  14. @kw0573thank you very much for your response. How would you suggest me ti fully prepare. I have done every single worksheet the teacher has provided, done past paper logarithm problems. What else would you suggest me to do. y=Your response will be appreciated.
  15. Hi guys, I am going to have my logarithms (i am in ib1) quiz for hl maths. I am really scared for this, as I heard from some people that test questions are completely different from whats taught in class. Can any one please send me some tough questions, so I can prepare for some unusual question. btw: Are school tests easier than final ib2 exams?
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