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  1. A written task is about analysing language, thus as long as you have a rich conversation and have background information about the conversation and the 2 people you should be fine.
  2. Low sat scores do not generally reduce your chances if you are an international student, they look at your IB grades and your co curricular activities. NYU is an arty type of school and the only people I've known to get in are not that academically strong, yet they flourish in the arts for example a friend of mine just got accepted early admission with about 1200 on the sat yet he was in a highly ranked local band. Boston University will most likely accept you, yet a scholarship will most likely not be offered, and thus for the money it will cost to attend in my opinion it is not worth it. In
  3. Hofstra and Fordham are universities I do not know at all thus I cannot give you my opinion. However both Maryland colleges will accept you, UCSD will consider, yet you may be waitlisted as it is top tier, UCSB will accept no question, U of Florida is the same as UCSD thus a conclusion cannot be made as they are both easily top 100 in the US, USF will accept and may offer a scholarship, UW will probably accept but I am not certain as it is highly ranked especially in the areas of science so they may be more selective, UT will accept, UBC will acccept and U of Toronto will accept. I even have a
  4. Bio HL is a godsend when it comes to studying medicine in the US, at some lower tiered unis with HL Bio you could end up skipping one year of courses, which would save your parents a considerable amount of money as well as saving your own time.
  5. Cal Poly SLO has a huge emphasis on agriculture, check em out
  6. Keep it simple, if you're interested in writing pursue it in university don't take such a swing at something like law, you could end up hating it and having to restart uni all over again. Follow your heart dude. Going to uni in the U.K. Will be hard for an international students as you cannot take out loans and the fees are ludicrous. Get some help from a mutual viewer who has knowledge such as a careers advisor at school.
  7. Dude those scores are stellar for most unis even some top 100 unis. Don't get down in the dumps about them. Many websites are complete ass when looking for unis for an IB student. I have spent 2 years researching unis day in day out (as I am a middle class international student and paying for uni is going to be hard) and the best website is smart class colleges. It doesn't help in an IB sense but neither does any website in the world. Don't use prepscholar, it is ass and uses algorithms rather than actual information. Use your SAT score as a base for looking at unis, as well as the price, make
  8. If you intend to stay in the US your med school application is totally dependent on your MCAT and your GPA yet you still need to take some prelim courses such as Bio Chem organic Chem and a few others. It is best noted to major in Bio or Chem in uni, thus a solid IB grade is needed to get into a good uni with the intended major. I want to major in Bio thus I am taking Bio HL. I still take Chem but I take it in SL as it is demanding and I am not a high achieving student and I want the best IB score I can get. The IB curriculum however is university level and by taking HL you can end up skipping
  9. You actually have done very well for yourself, a 1320/1600 actually equates to about 2000 in the old SAT as you times the figure by 1.5. This score is more than enough to get into any state college in the US, and is quite good for many other top tier unis. But as you will be an international student I recommend going to a cheap state school to save your parents tuition fees, as at the end of the day it's a degree that looks the same for every uni other than a different school name.
  10. If you do not get into all of those unis I will be quite shocked, your IB grades and IGCSEs are both stellar, your SAT is not great but is well above average. Unluckily your grades aren't good enough for free rides, and these universities cost at least 30k each for tuition never mind the cost of living, have you thought about state universities with cheaper tuition, I recommend the CUNY and SUNY schools which are cheap compared to other schools for out of state tuition. good luck on your application mate, I'll be applying to the US next year!
  11. Literally dude just use your knowledge from the past few months and analyse a Trump or Obama speech. Work with a mate with similar intellect. When me and my mate made ours we pioneered the IB English FOA by becoming the first at our school if not the world to record ours beforehand then play it in front of the class. We analysed an Obama speech for our first one and we both got 6s analysing Tone, pronouns, AAVE etc. Then for our second we analysed multiple Trump speeches and I got a high 6 and my mate got a 7 as I used colloquial terms as I am English. We both ain't good at English
  12. I'm getting a 5 in SL maths and got a 550 on the SAT maths section with revision. But it was at the time of which I was at a 2 in SL maths thus times have changed plus as I'm English the SAT is totally new to me and my family, it was my first SAT exam and I went in totally alone, not even help from my university councillor at school. The exam itself was quite tricky for someone of my calibre, but I do feel like the Studies curriculum is centred towards SAT curriculum whereas the SL maths curriculum is much more advanced than the SAT.
  13. Every day of the week Lang and Lit, such rich course that doesn't involve too much home reading/work. But it depends on the person though as I hate reading and I hate books, Lang and Lit spends half the curriculum on ways of speaking ex speech analysis, and the other half on literature analysis which quite frankly is not that bad.
  14. Graph with the line of best fit Thats your only other option for the graphs part unless you want to delve into the HL stuff. Ask your teacher though mate, it's their job.
  15. This question is very personal as there are scientists, mathematicians, literates etc. But personally I believe that Spanish AB or Geo HL are my easiest subjects even though I'm getting a 6 in both subjects, but that is because I put all of my effort into the subjects I want to take into university. The hardest subject to me is Maths SL as I have never been great at maths, I was at a 2 at half yearly and busted ass to get to a 5 by the yearly exams.
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