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  1. Hi everyone, I recently got my IB Diploma (hurrah!), and unfortunately I narrowly missed out on my first-choice university. While I'm still waiting for them to reply as to whether they'll be saints and still accept me, I'm faced with a slight dilemma. I did my IB at a school in England, but I live in Hong Kong. As a result, I applied to both universities in England and HK. If my first-choice university rejects me, I'm not sure whether I should choose to study in England or HK (I met all my other offers). I applied for Sociology at all of my universities; if my first-choice rejects me, I can ch
  2. I agree with you. the question were ridiculous , the whole section B of paper 2 OMG thank God other people who share my opinion! I found section B soooo annoying! The questions were ridiculous! I hope they lower the boundaries or something, because it really makes you lose points! (section B is over 36) Oh I know, unfortunately section B is usually the make-or-break one as well. So frustrating.
  3. I did options E (Neurobiology) and H (Further Human Physiology). I was really disappointed with the questions this year: in option E, there was nothing on the ear or neurons! in option H, there was nothing on coronary heart disease or liver disease! Don't these things usually come up year after year, in some form or another? And also that 6-marker question in option H on the Bohr shift - whaaaat? I was originally planning to burn all my Bio notes...now I'm thinking I might keep them in case I do re-takes...sigh.
  4. Back to the TZ2 paper really quickly - did anyone find that the essay questions this year were really strangely hard? I mean, generally all of the questions require you to draw a diagram for the first part. This year, there was only one question (asking you to draw a sperm)! I spent the entire day before learning diagrams. I was so annoyed. Also, what happened to staple questions such as DNA replication, gene transfer etc. again, I spent ages on those the day before and none came up.
  5. I wasn't completely thrilled by the questions, but I don't think I could've hoped for a better set. I did the questions on German unification, Alexander II, and the 1917 Russian revolutions - SO glad there weren't any comparison questions! I hadn't revised Italian unification OR Alexander III (it was rumoured that comparison questions could've come up this year), so all I can say is thank God I got away with it. My first two essays were pretty good, but I think my 1917 Russian revolutions one was pretty crappy unfortunately...but isn't it always the fact that a candidate will be able to do two
  6. Hey, don't fret. There were four of us in my school who made the same mistake - given a question on the significance of the circumstances of a country in regards to the rise to power of a right-wing ruler, we answered the question using the rise of Lenin. BIG mistake, but we've been told by our History teachers that we'll be docked marks for obvious inappropriate answer, but we will also be given credit for the knowledge that we show. We won't be getting full marks, but we won't be getting 0 either. I wouldn't worry about it, to be honest it's one out of five essays so the damage is minimal. I
  7. Hey everyone, So the May 2010 exams have officially started - I did my English SL Paper 1 yesterday, anyone else do that too? What did you guys think of it? I'm not sure which timezone I'm part of (I'm in England) but I chose the prose, which was an extract from a book called "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer. Weird title, I know. Anyone else choose the prose too?
  8. "Hungover" by Ke$ha. Great album, by the way.
  9. Well, my provisional title is "How is political satire created in comedy theatre?", and I was thinking of looking at Ancient Greek Comedy (i.e. Aristophanes and his play 'Lysistrata') and Commedia dell'Arte (through Goldoni's 'A Servant to Two Masters')...
  10. For some crazy, unknown reason, I chose to do an Extended Essay in Theatre. BIG mistake, since I'm rubbish in this subject, and I really have no "passion" for it. However, no use crying over spilt milk (or crap decisions). With my supervisor, I decided to do something about political satire and comedy theatre. I don't have an exact set title yet, but I have no idea how to start / what I can talk about in 3000 words! Can anyone please help me out by giving me some good sources, ideas etc?? Thank you so much!
  11. Hi, I'm entering the last year of IB this coming September, so university applications are coming up pretty soon. I was struggling with whether I want to do Sociology or Anthropology at uni, but then I realised that I didn't know the difference between the two! Can anyone explain to me how the two are different, or whether there are any good books I could get my hands on, to get myself better prepared? Any help appreciated, thank you!
  12. Hey, I'm entering the last year of IB this coming September, so university applications are coming up pretty soon. I'm thinking of doing either Sociology or Anthropology at university in the UK, but I have absolutely no idea where I should apply to. I'm not aiming for Oxbridge, and I guess I'm gonna get a final IB score of somewhere around 32 - 36... Help please!
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