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  1. Haha how fascinating to think about IB produce people like Kesha. Maybe she will release an album about Ee soon~
  2. I have the same question, and at last I choose bnm.. and I don't know why.
  3. Personally, I love my textbook now, Psychology, McGraw Hill
  4. Argh.. I don't have the subject here in my college.. I am also interested in the study of the human behaviour...
  5. which one is easier IA for the econs or the bnm?
  6. Yeah, I'm agree with you.. There's a lot diff between the movie and the novel..
  7. The spokesperson for the UoA just came to my college, which through her presentation, the uni rocks.. (I think so..) I'm taking biotech there when I'm finished with this IB thing..
  8. Where successful procrastinator collides.. (that's the best I can think of) huhu~
  9. well, mine is also about hopes and dreams which I narrow it down to dreams in faces, and my focus is the eyes, I'm learning to draw some cat eyes now... Huhu~
  10. Banned because you banned the person above you.
  11. well, most of the senior in my college got 7 in their chemistry, the secret? Just understand and don't memorize anything that you don't. We usually makes our own note, and for the exercises it just applies for the stoichiometry q's.. and do understand the periodic table, chapter 4 which is the periodicity, very important and the key to master chemistry.. By the way, I just got a 7 on the latest test.. (after a few 5's.. fuhh) I attach with this the 1/6 which my chem teacher gave me for quick revision for chapter 4. LECTURE 1 (Periodicity).ppt
  12. Well, for creativity, I fill the part with photography, well it's both fun and improves your creativity especially in creating a new perception through photos.. If your school/college have a board to show off your talent, don't waste it!
  13. Well, after browsing through all the comment, I am really want to take the pschology course, but too bad my school do not offer them..
  14. Sneeze? Yeah during my sixteen birthday, when I want to blow up the candle.. Oppss I'm ruined the cake and no one dare to eat it after that... Huhu~ What is your favorite romantic movie? (Mine is 50 first dates)
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