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  1. Hi everyone I'm aiming to become a lawyer. For now I'll be taking history econ and English a as hl, as well as math and Chinese a for sl. What do you recommend as my last sl, and will they have a great impact in my university opportunities? I'm thinking about either bio or chem. I like biology a lot more and do better in it, but it does require a lot of memorization and I have history and eng hl already. I also hear from seniors that biology has a lot of chem concepts, and so I'll be very lost studying bio as an individual subject without chemistry. On the other hand, I find chemistry harder a
  2. Thanks everyone for the valuable advice! One thing though, if I do decide to bump Eng lit up to HL, would taking history sl or geography sl make a big difference (for law or medicine for instance)? Seeing how universities usually only look at how rigorous hl subjects are(?) The combination I have in mind right now would be Chem bio hist / eng hl, but just in case would history hl and eng lit hl together with say chemistry hl be too hard?
  3. Sorry for being so petty guys, but this choice thingy is really stressing me out lol rip. I'll try to stop annoying everyone here so frequently, and honestly thank you for all those amazing responses.As I said before, I'd be taking chem bio HL, and I need another HL subject that will be relatively less demanding and easier, but at the same time well respected by universities. In terms of my passion towards these subjects, it would be 1. History 2. Geography 3. English, but from what I hear the difficulty of them is quite varied. So which of the above would strike a balance between workload and
  4. 1. How would you rank geography, economics and history in terms of difficulty and workload (especially with chem hl and bio hl)? (1-easiest, 3-most difficult) 2. How would you rank these subjects in terms of being more highly regarded by universities? (1-most highly regarded, 3-least highly regarded) 3. Which subject is harder, History HL or English HL? If I do choose History, I'll need to push either to HL, and I'm quite worried about the workload of all HLs combined together. Thanks
  5. I'd appreciate some advice I'm mainly aiming for medicine, but there's a small chance I'd go for law I guess. I like geography more and am better at it, but I hear that it might be a soft subject and its percentages for 7 are not as high as econ. I'm absolutely horrible at graphs and I find the content of economics dull at times, but it's more well-respected by unis ( is that true?) and has one of the highest percentages for 7. I'm already gonna take Chem and Bio HL, so I really need a subject to balance my workload out lol 1. Which subject is easier to get a 7 in/ easier in general?
  6. Thanks a ton!!! A few questions: 1. Does Economics rely on a bunch of complicated graphs and diagrams, or more towards essay writing and analysis? 2. Can someone please rank History, Economics and Geography in terms of how well respected they are by universities? 3. How hard are these 3 subjects and what are the workloads and efforts needed respectively for the HL of them? 4. Which of these subjects would be able to balance out the workload of the rigorous chem HL and bio HL?
  7. Thanks! Would anyone mind leaving some advice regarding the difficulty/effort needed for those subjects to get a 7 and usefulness of them in uni admission? Oh and I hear that Geography might be considered a less auspicious subject by universities is that true? o.o
  8. Hey guys I'm in year 10 right now and aiming for mainly medicine or possibly law school. I'll be taking Chemistry HL and Biology HL/SL; I hear that Chemistry HL is one of the hardest ib subjects and Biology requires a lot of memorizing. So considering the fact that people say History is one of the hardest subjects to get a 7 and takes a lot in general, would this combination be manageable for a good grade? I find History interesting, essay writing is one of my strengths and it helps law admission for a bit I guess? On the other hand, Economics is a much easier subject to secure a 7 in from wh
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