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  1. Seeing as this is the music thread, I thought i'd do a little bit of promoting If you like hip-hop or UK Grime, Kano's new song "Upside" featuring Michelle Breeze is premiering on Radio 1 today, also the video is on youtube (I'm promoting because I'm on his street team, only reason , oh and it's not a bad song)
  2. Asheee

    Theatre RI

    Bunraku Problem Plays (Henrik Ibsen is good at those) Basically, look for something that interests you in theatre, maybe costume or set design? then create a topic based on that, and the style of theatre you wish to investigate, and a play! Such as, How would (x), the main character of (x) (play's name), a traditional (x, eg. Bunraku) play be costumed? That said, From what I can recall, the word count is maybe 2500, so maybe focus on two main characters, or if you choose set design, maybe focus on one or two acts? Good luck
  3. Hey! Your topic sounds interesting, but i'd perhaps elaborate a bit more on "technical theatre techniques" or maybe re-word it to make that bit more clear? other than that, sounds good
  4. It's a fairly easy subject, depending on your options. However, 7s in the subject are quite rare! But possible! I loved Geography, I'd definitely recommend it!
  5. Cultural facts can also have to do with religion, eg, people in religious countries may reside in cities with temples, hence giving them a high population density as opposed to those cities with no temples.
  6. Hello, I did use it when I was in my final year of IB but I borrowed mine from the school library. It was a really good book for revision, so I would say yes. But maybe see if you can download it or borrow it instead of buying it?
  7. Ummm, you could look into Kabuki, I think that is Japanese! I'm not too sure entirely what it's about but I think it has something to do with dance! Now you just have to find a Kabuki play, and decide whether you want to investigate how a character might act, move or speak, or how they will be costumed, or how the set design will be designed, anything like that!
  8. Hello, Titles of graphs aren't included, I'm not too sure about annotations though. Perhaps ask your teacher just to be on the safe side Actually, now that I think about it, labels and annotations are included in the word count if they are over 8 words in length. So just make them under 8 words and they won't count
  9. Haha no problem! There's also a site called Nation Master too, it has lots of info as well
  10. See the reply I made to your post about the Maths IA. For data on countries around the world, there is the CIA factbook and Nation Master http://www.nationmaster.com/index.php Both websites helped me heaps in my Maths IA and for Geography.
  11. Hmmmm, if you are doing it on a particular countries, or countries, the CIA world factbook have an economic section for each country. It has lots of stuff https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ As for factors that affect the economy, I guess there are sooo many things that could affect the economy, such as education levels, the average age of the population (eg, an aging population equals less productivity), disease, the exchange rate of currency and gold. Maybe talk to someone at your school who does economics? or a teacher? Good luck
  12. If you do have numerical values as opposed to "like/do not like"? Well, you could work out the average value everyone gave for each subject, the median and the mode. You could then see if females had a preference for a particular subject based on which one was the more popular subject. However, to do more advanced calculations like correlation and linear regression, you will need both parts of your survey to be numerical values, so you could perhaps widen female and male into age groups, or perhaps focus on one gender only with a wide age group (say from 10-30 years). That way you would be ab
  13. Asheee

    Theatre RI- HL

    Wow, this is spooky! In my first year of IB, I did a practice RI on nearly the same topic, except I did it from a Bunraku puppet perspective instead of a Kabuki perspective. It's a good topic though! I'm not too sure about Kabuki, but with Bunraku, there are musicians, narrators, puppeteers and the puppets themselves, so I had heaps to write about because each performer had a special costume for the performance. Maybe look into Kabuki and see if it is like Bunraku, where there are more roles than just the actor. The good news is, there is heaps of info on the play and the costumes for it. g
  14. yeah I don't see anything wrong with that question, because costume and makeup are both closely related Good luck with it! I think it'll be really interesting. let me know if you need any more help
  15. Nice choice! Beijing opera is so awesome!! Just from experience, I think doing an RI on costumes is much much much easier than acting and moving, as you can use lots of images to support your facts, and well, costume is a bit more factual than acting and moving (which can be open to intepretation). I'm a bit worried that your question might be a bit too narrow though, as the RI has quite a large word count. Maybe you could focus on the female protagonist and the male protagonist to open up the question a bit?
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