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  1. Bump, I was thinking of maybe testing the effectiveness of different methods of reducing pH in water, would that be good?
  2. Hey guys so long story short I decided to hold off my IA until the final week, and I need to complete my experiment basically in the next 3 days or so. My teacher gave me a pH metre, so I'm thinking about doing experiments that involve measuring the pH. My initial idea was testing how the temperature of a solution affected its pH, but my teacher said it was too simple as temperature simply changed the kA. Basically what I'm asking is does anyone have any easy topics for a chem sl IA that involve a pH metre, as well as simple household chemicals(not sulfuric acid or anything lol)
  3. Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I think I can try to connect it to modular arithmetic. Are there any other types of encryption that you would recommend, perhaps easier forms? I feel like RSA has lots of modular arithmetic for me to explore, but it does seem slightly complicated. The enigma machine also seems like the mathematics involved is more rigorous rather than 'difficult'.
  4. Thank you so much for replying. I understand what you mean by proving to my teacher I can handle the topic, but my teacher also said it may be 'too much' for a math IA, as opposed to an extended essay. He said not only is the topic too hard to explain to my peers, but also does not allow a focused scope of analysis that the IA has room for. What do you think about my idea of the enigma machine? He recommended I do the IA on a specific type of encryption, but I'm not sure if there is enough math involved or just combinatorics/permutations. With more simpler forms of encryption and codes I can d
  5. Bump Also I've been thinking of doing mine on the Enigma machine, although I'm not sure if there's enough mathematics to be explored there. Thanks guys.
  6. Sorry for yet another IA help thread, but I seriously need some help deciding which topic to do my Math HL IA on. I've been thinking of doing my IA on types of cryptography, but my teacher shot down both of my ideas (RSA and Elliptic curve cryptography) saying they were too hard for an IA.I could investigate the modular arithmetic side of RSA encryption, but I'm not sure if that's enough. My teacher also suggested to me to find earlier methods of encryption, but I don't know how to approach such a topic.Other ideas I came up with are Gabriel's horn, but my class didn't learn integral calculus
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