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  1. I have been to: All around the east coast of Australia. New Zealand(Auckland) Fiji Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket) Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe) UK (London, St. Ives, Cardiff, Bath, Weymouth, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh) France (Paris, Nice, Lyon, Chamonix, Meribel, Marseilles) Belgium (Brussels) Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich) Italy (Pescara, Sicily, Rome, Florence, Venice) Spain (Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz) US (NYC, LA, Washington D.C., Orlando, Aspen) If was to recommend one place it would be Sicily. It is stunning. I really want to go back to Sicily to go all the places I didn't
  2. Are you saying that 'color' is right, because this is one where it depends where you are from. Every English speaking country bar America(maybe Canada too) spells it: colour.
  3. First off, you have no basis on which to declare healthcare a right. Consider that humans lived without healthcare as we have it for millenia, and that new technology and industrialization is what allows us the privilege of new ways to extend the lengths of our lives. People get sick and die, it's been like that and it always will be like that. We simply don't have enough resources to give the best healthcare to everyone on the planet, but if we spread those resources equally (Ie. Too thin) they won't be of much use at all. So you may say my argument is being "black and white" but what you're
  4. If you want to have a look at some psychological works that look into this read Charles Horton Cooley, he came up with the idea of the looking-glass self and look at William James. "No man is an island"
  5. On the spandex thing, some people wear it to prevent chafing. With the snot thing perhaps it is because when you cry your defenses are enacted. Tears have amylases which help to prevent inflections. And snot is for the purpose of protection against infection. On the heart question of a while back there are some doctors that have found (questionable) evidence that some emotional memories are stored in the tangle of neurons at the top of the heart. @abbeylizard Bologna is a city in the north of Italy.
  6. I can totally understand the frustration with the media.
  7. Ashlee, the Victorian conversion is in my opinion very generous. I know that if I did VCE I would have ended up with a 98 or less, but never the 99.45 I ended up with.
  8. First of all paternity leave does exist. Also I think that balloon's view of feminism is a bit out of date. The third wave feminism of these days is less about women and more about gender in general. It recognises that both men and women feel repressed by their places in society. Many men would much prefer adopting a more traditionally feminine role and vice versa. It recognises that gender isn't made up of two mutually exclusive camp but a more fluid expanse of gender identity with unfixed boundaries. All of this enables a variety of healthy relationships that may not make sense to those not
  9. 25 downloads

    HL Field Work Report - An Investigation into the Lerderderg Drainage Basin, South-central Victoria, Australia Grade awarded: 7 (26/30)
  10. 251 downloads

    This type II math portfolio is about modeling stopping distances. It was awarded 18/20.
  11. 130 downloads

    Absolute Zero Electroplating Reaction Order
  12. 187 downloads

    4 Labs/Practicals Maggot Taxis--How do maggots move in response to moisture and light? Factor affecting the rate of photosynthesis--How do leaves from different plants differ in their rate of photosynthesis? Rate of Seed Germination – Light Colour Yeast Respiration--How does a difference in the amount of glucose affect the rate of cellular respiration in yeast?
  13. 23 downloads

    Compare and contrast how rural and urban landscapes affect the water quality of the Barwon River, Australia. Grade: A
  14. 93 downloads

    6. In areas of knowledge such as the arts and the sciences, do we learn more from work that follows or that breaks with accepted conventions? This essay received an A.
  15. That's about 5'6" I'm about 6'3" (188 cm) That's quite Puny, here in Calgary... Oh, and here's a tip to grow real quick. (I scienifically proved it true in a month-long experiment) Calcium, Protein, and Omega Fatty Acids. They are proven to make skeletal, muscular, and nervous/greymatter tissue grow. Drink lots of milk. Eat plenty of fish and low-fat poultry (or if you're a vegetarian (or trying, like me), eat Becel margarine toast, and Grade A eggs with a glass of Omega enriched Orange Juice) Combine this with good exercise and you will see the results (I did an hour of Tennis every day) I gr
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