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  1. So I've got an FOA that is to be done soon, and my question is How does media affect the image and play of upcoming, young football players? What I want to do is look at two different articles and show how the article influences other people's perspective. I was then going to expand and go on to other different types of media. But what else should I do for my FOA? I need some help
  2. Also, should I start the plotting of the graph from his run up or from when he jumps?
  3. How would I do this?
  4. I'm in my final year, and I decided to make another Math IA. I know crazy. But I hated my last one and scored kinda poorly on it. So instead this time, I chose to do something where I would record my friend approaching for the spike at different distances and I would try to find out if distance affects the area of the curve for his jump. I don't know if this is a good topic, could you guys make any suggestions? Also what else could I do for this investigation? What else should I look for? Thank you!
  5. I think you gave me a great starting point though, and now my partner and I know what to do and I think our presentation will be good thanks a lot for helping! it does help a lot
  6. Thanks for the advice, my partner is asking if this is valid: How do the judgements from experts influence our opinions? I don't know if i should include subjectivity and objectivity
  7. Hello guys, So my partner and I are doing our presentation under the Arts, and our RLS is about 2 different experts review the same movie, but give out different opinions. (Citizen Kane) and our Knowledge question is to what extent is an experts judgement objective? Do you think this is ok? Because we want to do something about objectivity vs subjectivity and the popularity of movies affecting the opinions of people.
  8. oh my god, i have my idea now. How about I look at the best place to start your run up for the spike to give the biggest area under the curve? It is known that the better your run up, the better the jump for spiking, maybe that would be a good topic to do on? Also focusing on height and distance again.
  9. Oh and one more thing that I just conjured up. So I was thinking maybe I could find out the speed it takes for the ball to reach it's peak (where the spiker can best hit it). I can then find the speed, velocity, and displacement of the ball from two distances. One will be from the center court where the setter will set the ball to the Wing Spiker position, and the other will be from the far end position and he will set the ball further, towards the wing spiker position.
  10. Hello everyone, currently I am writing a new math IA and i decided to write it under the topic of Projectile Motion. What what I want to do is take a video of a setter (in volleyball) and him setting the ball up. I'll take that video and create a graph and will derive that function. The thing is, I think that this is a little to vague, and I really don't have a clue on what to really explore within my topic. For the volleyball idea, I wanted to originally see what's the best place to put the ball in the air to get a good hit in for the spiker. If you have any further suggestions on what e
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