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  1. Well if you write out the balanced chemical equation you should use whichever reactant you want, it's easier to just use the one that only requires 1 mol. Also, think about the sources of error in your experiment and how they would affect your enthalpy change...let's just say you should see if you could have lost any heat and not been able to factor that into your calculations, and, if there is some way, figure out how to include it in your calculations.
  2. Well I originally wanted to do something about love (maybe how it's portrayed or how the author uses plot devices to block it from happening?) and my teacher recommended me the English Patient. Does anyone have any idea if my ideas are "englishy" enough for the EE or if I should write about something else? If so, do you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  3. Honestly I chose it because I like being challenged. Talking to kids in the regular program makes it so clear how much more we learn and how much faster we have to learn it. Not that the other kids are stupid or anything, but I personally find the pace of IB to be right for me - being in a "normal" class would make me fall asleep and not try at all in school. That, and I just .. like learning ahead and learning new things.
  4. LMAO. I read the cult page. People who believe that kind of thing are ridiculous.
  5. Well, our school doesn't offer HL, and even if if it did, I wouldn't give up my HL Bio/Chem for it =/ That was honestly my ... maybe third time writing a paper, our teacher didn't give us a lot at all
  6. Well, the two things I really studied for the core topic was Existentialism and the whole Dualism (mind/body) thing. Existentialism could have been linked with either the quote or the picture, I chose the quote and talked about Sartre. I chose the ethics option about looking at the person and not the action, talked about virtue ethics/utilitarianism/Kant. No idea how well I did on either question though.. Paper 2 was a lot better. Our class did Nietzsche (I STILL can't spell his last name), and when we saw the questions we started laughing because ressentiment and the ascetic ideal were the tw
  7. I don't understand how two values were possible, because if it was the 0.7 something you said, wouldn't that make it impossible to get .15 as the probability? That's why I disregarded my other value =/ Yeah, my b value was wrong, because I originally wrote that b = pi/4, but because my amplitude was wrong, my graph was wrong as well, so I changed it back to 8 Other than that, I think I did decently
  8. Yeah, I got 2/3 for the probability of that question as well
  9. The amplitude was actually -5, I missed that as well. The vertical shift was 2, and the period was pi/4 .. Stupid me left it as 8.
  10. I wrote .202 as well for the probability question, think that's right as a lot of other people got that as well. For the binomial, i ended up writing 7 choose 4 (p)^4 (1-p)^3 and expanding that for work, and then it turns out I couldn't solve it after that. So I kept trying values in my GDC until I got .368 or something like that, and it worked so I put that. (I DID get the seven degree function you mentioned). For the acceleration I got the same answer as you, leaving it in radians - we should be okay. The cosine wave took me way too long. And it turns out that I got the amplitude and the per
  11. Okay, I think paper 2 can be discussed now... Anyone else think it was way harder than the last few years' previous papers? I was getting high 7s and sometimes even perfect with those, and with this one I'm not even totally sure I'm getting one! I don't think I screwed up too badly, but Paper 2 made a LOT of my peers uncomfortable with how difficult it was, especially in comparison to Paper 1
  12. I did too! About the (0, 2, -2) comment. It was (26-26) (12-10) (-10+12) I'm pretty sure. I feel like the test itself wasn't terribly difficult overall. I didn't draw a blank on any of them except vectors... Our class just learned them the past few days before the exam, so we were all disappointed that it was an 18 mark question... but oh well. This is our school's first year. Ah, that's too bad; the vector questions are normally pretty straightforward. The last part of the vector question confused me for a while, though. The "hence" really stumped me, and I couldn't forget out how to ge
  13. dead topic, but w/e emily and naomi (L) season 4 is coming out soon too
  14. i'm headed for: HL: bio, chem and english SL: french b , philosophy and math. was going to do HL math, but i wimped out last minute and dropped it the only one i'm really worried about is french
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