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  1. Papers will not get lost. There is no way they can escape the binding power of the "IB-Thong" as my school likes to call it. The only way papers can get out is if someone yanks the paper and breaks the hole.
  2. My school forces us to take History and English HL.
  3. Is it an informal or a formal oral? We got to prepare before-hand for the informal oral, but the formal one is impromptu.
  4. German?! Blasphemy! If your teacher is good, the class can be decent -- In my opinion, TOK and English HL suck. You have to do so much BS in those classes
  5. Is it possible to get high marks on the essay without using counterclaims?
  6. Cel


    Anyone can get at least a 4 in ITGS without taking the class. Getting a 7, however, is pretty difficult imo.
  7. What method do you guys use when writing a TOK essay? Do you do a "discussion" or an "argument" in your essays?
  8. Cel

    Math SL- IA

    We had to do one about building a silly bowl out of paper
  9. German SL is easy, I guess..
  10. Title, Research Question, Background, Prediction Statement, Hypothesis, Variables, Groups, Materials, Apparatus, Procedure, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Conclusion
  11. In my school, every club is an ib club since no regular kids join them.
  12. We are doing Option G (Ecology) and H (Further Human Physiology)
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