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  1. I have Spanish AB exams in one month ( year 1 end of year). What is the best way I can prepare? My teacher didn't give me much to work with, she didn't actually do anything the whole year. I have picked up some grammar and vocab on my own but I know it's not enough. Any tips would be welcomed.
  2. I'll take that into consideration. Don't worry about that. I was thinking about just that all the way through. I was thinking of a lot of other things as well. Thanks for your help tho.
  3. I am a Sl student interested in doing my extended essay in mathematics. I became very interested in contour integration. The thing is I am not sure if this topic will be too advance. I heard that if your topic is too advanced it goes against you. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have any tips and tricks to look out for when taking a test? I heard the words in the in the question themselves are very important. Also does anyone have any sites for practice tests?
  5. Does anyone have resources for practice questions.
  6. I have read conflicting accounts on the level that your math ee should be on. Some said the level of your class or beyond. Some say only do what is in your syllabus. I was thinking of doing something with Fourier transform and music (some other application really) or Taylor Series with an application. But I am not sure whether this would be too advanced. I also heard if your topic is too advanced you risk failing it is this true?
  7. I am trying to figure out what topic to do for my math extended essay. I was hoping to see what some of you did so I can get an idea of what to do. I was thinking of doing a proof that not all infinities are the same size but I think would be too short so I would make into an IA. Comments, ideas?
  8. I am a first year IB student looking for people who want to be mathematicians. Preferably Dutch students but I wouldn't care about nationality. How do suggest I go about doing that. Even those on here I wouldn't mind talking with.
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