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  1. Which guide is better for HL bio? Biology for the IB Diploma by Andrew Allot, or the OSC Revision guide?
  2. Is it possible to continue IB if you finished year one, but you had to move to another school that had IB. Would they just let you finish in their program? I don't know and am freaking out!
  3. I'm wondering what to do during the last few weeks of summer for my first year of IB. We're a pioneer group at our school, so we are probably going to experience turmoil to fullest. I'm being a bibliophile and actually reading my required reading for English and Latin, unlike some people I know, who are pull out their hair stressing during the year. Do you think it is a little overboard to be studying the syllabi and reviewing the topics covered. Well, I just want to be successful so the program takes off at my school.
  4. Anybody know how to answer this "Why can biological phenomena not be explained by the laws of physics and chemistry?"
  5. Is anyone here a fan of anime? Are there any old shows that bring back those nostalgic childhood memories of waking up early of staying up late to see them. I wonder what shows are popular right now in the IB community. I just finished watching Lucky Star, but I like pretty much anything, so I could generally be called an otaku.
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