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  1. So compared to the first year of ib and second year(last year of IB), which one is harder or busier??
  2. Hey guys What's your thought of me doing a part time job while dealing with IB, plus I'm in the second year of IB by next term. But I really want to do part time job :/
  3. I just moved into this school this year, which is my first year of IB. Apparently this is the worst school i've been in my entire life. My year-mates are so ****ing disgusting and disrespectful, i hate how they make fun of other people, religion, and gossip a lot like A LOT. I would rather have no friend in here but only because of IB; group projects etc.. And I became an introvert in this school.. that how bad it is.... Secondly, they don't teach SAT in my school so obviously I have to study SAT by myself. And I was planning to drop TOK to focus studying on SAT, but my teacher forced me to s
  4. GUYS, I'M TAKING IB CERTIFICATE BUT I'M STILL TAKING TOK CUZ IMMA GOOD STUDENT.. OKAY I REGRETTED TAKING TOK RIGHT NOW.. GUYSSSS IF I DROP, WOULD IT AFFECT MY UNIVERSITY APPLICATION???? Do i need TOK?? Can I drop it cuz i'm replacing my TOK with EE.. As you know, those who taking IB Certificate don't need to do CAS, TOK and EE.. But i'm doing all of them.. And planning to drop TOK.. Should I? Halp :')
  5. Okay lemme be honest. I actually don't want to take EE because I'm an ib certificate student.. But deeeeep in my heart I feel like doing it. So m question is,, urmm is EE really benefit for my University application? Well because I'm taking IB certificate and obviously I don't have to do it but,,, SUGGESTIONS PLEASEEE
  6. Hye guys, I'm really stressed out about IB right now. I know its only been couple of months since I started my IB this year. At first I was really excited to study hard and proud to be called as an 'ib student'. But as I got tons of homework, projects, assignments etc, I could not really handle this.. I know everyone is in the same situation as me. I reaally in need of some motivation from senpai or from lovely strangers here ! Please say something that can make me,,, i dont know, happy? or motivated to study again. Or let's share your problems as well and help each other maybe ;')
  7. Hye guys,, im so confused right now if I should drop tok or not.. I mean,, im taking first year of IB certificates, some of my senpai said i don't really need TOK. Is TOK really benefit for my University later? What happen if I drop it? I'm still working hard for my CAS though. I think i should be fine if i drop it
  8. 1. What is your real name? Nisa 2. Where are you from? Malaysia (currently lives in Japan) 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? My senpais 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I think i need so much help from experienced IB student. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? 1 week before started IB life. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? ITGS and film 7. When are you graduating? 2018 8. What are your plans for university? I want to go to Uni in Japan for teacher or IT course. It's kinda tough to find
  9. what grade is it? Is it like for my overal ib grade? out of 7?
  10. I just finished my FoA. It seemed kike everyone is making a fuss about it. If i failed my foa, would it affect anything? I feel nervous
  11. Hey guys, I really wanna go to university in Japan since I live in japan, I'm doing first year of ib certificate and are there any universities in Japan that recognise or accept ib certificate? I already have some University lists that I want to go but still waiting for their email. Any ideas or experiences?
  12. Hey guys. So i am wondering what happens to me after graduating high school with IB certificate? Can I just apply to university with undergraduate program? Because some people said that I have to take foundation for 1 year before go to university which made me feel like crying so much. I am planning to go to Temple University in Japan, is anyone from there? Do they accept IB certificate? However i would take SAT as well other than my ib subjects. Thanks guys
  13. Really?? Www Thank You so much! I think I would stick to ITGS to see hows it going..
  14. So it really doesn't matter if I got a bad score of ICT IGCSE and I take ITGS? Thank you btw ..
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