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  1. Wonderful source and website!
  2. I wish I had, but I am afraid not....Chemistry and Physics are the subjects that I also struggle the most with :/ I just end up doing the exercises without really understanding the theory at all
  3. Hahahaha, I swear this is the most savage meme that I have ever seen in my life 😂
  4. Oh no that sounds so stressful for you, I hope you take care of yourself that sounds absolutely horrible :/ I take Physics HL, Chemistry HL, English B HL, Economics SL, Math SL, and native language LIT A SL
  5. Very late answer, but I don't think this would be possible, seeing as A Doll's House (Et dukkehjem) is technically in Danish, and therefore not a translated work?
  6. Hi! I am almost in the same situation as you are (except for the fact that I am struggling much much more!), and have almost the same subject combinations that you do. I also wasted so much time last year as well. I don't know anyone personally who significantly improved their predicted grades (but I know people who went down in grades) but in my school there was this lady from Lanterna Education who held a presentation for us. She said that she had a predicted grade of 24 the first half year of DP2, but that her final grade (due to proper revision techniques and time spent earlier
  7. Personally I write them in a Word document but I know that there are many in my class who wrote theirs in a Tumblr blog. They got their reflections approved, so it is absolutely possible With that being said, I think you should ask your CAS coordinators just in case
  8. Okay thank you so much for the quick answer! Of course I will have to explain why the acetic acid will remove the stains, but yeah, I guess that I will just have to see the results for myself with the "naked eye".
  9. So... I am really struggling with my IA experiment. I used a stupid experiment that basically included having test patches with coffee on them, and then I was to pour different percentage concentrations of vinegar on it. I was then going to see how the different concentrations of vinegar would remove the coffee stain, or rather, the effect that it would have on the different stains. I am varying the amount of acetic acid concentration in the videregar by the way. So...problem is that I want to show how the patches "lost their stains", and I need something else than my naked eye to prove t
  10. I would recommend you to ask a teacher or look in the guide. "A Doll's House" is written in Danish, yes, but Ibsen did use words and expressions that were more adapted to spoken Norwegian in some of his other works. I think the IB would care a lot about the nationality of the author in such a context though, would therefore not really recommend choosing Ibsen (even if he did live a lot abroad). To be safe, I'd go with a Danish author instead. Ask your coordinator/ teacher they would know best. Realise that this wasn't that helpful...but hope it maybe was a bit useful (?)
  11. In our school we have this policy that the students can take classes at their own expense online if they wish to take a subject that the school doesn't offer, can't you do that?
  12. If you are going to study in the UK, then I would say no, as most of the top universities for Engineering have Mathematics HL as a requirement. You can always search up the requirements for the different universities that you plan to get into. I would therefore doubt that they would consider your application in that case, since it does not meet the requirements.
  13. Oh well since I am a first year and I switched to the subject after Christmas, the grade that I got so far was a 7 on the mock exam that we had (have not gotten back any other assignment). Of course, it might be that my grades will drop when I really have to hand in the "proper" written assignment (and any other final assignment), or when I do the real exam of course (hope not though ). The thing is that the classes that we have are really chill as well, like we listen to songs and practise for the final assignments that we will be doing in the second year, so that is also another reason for m
  14. Definitely English B HL, I myself switched from English A to English B after half a year, and it is the best choice that I have done so far.
  15. I have a free period once a week because of the different classes that I take, and I have also had multiple free periods in my SL classes as well (when the teachers are going through HL subjects).
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