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  1. I'm just going to be honest here, those scores for your universities are simply not enough. Not even close. Sorry, but that's the truth. Your total score is below world average which is 30. And even if you get the full three points for ur TOK/EE, 32 is still too low. Your SAT is also pretty bad. Average is 1200. But don't give up. First time I took SAT (old) I got 1400+ and I tried harder and got a 400 point boost so miracles do happen. If you're really aiming for the aforementioned schools, get your grades up to mostly 6 and 7s for IB and SAT 1500+ for those Ivy Leagues. Your extracurricular
  2. Sure! That sounds amazing. Just make sure you include them in your commonapp. Specifics are VERY important.
  3. I think you have a pretty good chance as long as you make sure you have a killer essay and do well for your SATs. Additionally, you should do one more impressive extracurricular to make you stand out. That's just my two cents
  4. Well tbh, your grades are already fantastic but I highly doubt you'll get into any of those universities because your extracurriculars, quite frankly, kinda suck. I don't have the best scores but my brother had almost a 2400 in his SATs and a final IB score of 44 and he got rejected to all the Ivy leagues. He only got into UCLA (which is good) but none of those schools. So I highly suggest that if your aim is that high, you fix up you extracurrics. Plus don't forget to write a good college essay.
  5. @IB'ez Thanks for the reply! I really hope so. I know BC, UC Berkeley, USC, and UCLA are stretches though. I'm just crossing my fingers at this point Ps. For UK, I heard that all they want are the scores. And the highest among the UK unis they need for my major is 36 (from UCL) thankfully the rest is around 33-34 (even Warwick!) so I hope I don't mess up my final IBs.
  6. Well it does depend on your major and the list you look at. Different lists rank different universities differently. My extra currics are decent though (I won some competitions, was head of a few clubs, did some volunteer, and interned twice) and so far ppl like my essays so idk I'll just see. Not sure about my teacher recs and my SATs are a bummer
  7. Background: Chinese Indonesian Country of choice: America or the UK IB Predicted Grades Economics HL - 6 Indonesian B HL - 6 History HL - 7 English SL - 7 Biology SL - 6 Math SL - 5 TOK - B EE (English A) - A Total: 40 Highest SAT: (1860/2400) and (1320/1600) Yeah I know Extracurricular: President of Debate Club Chief Editor of Magazine Club Joined WSC (international selective debate and writing competition) for 2 years where I got medals and trophies (team and individual) Member of book club J
  8. In my honest opinion, I don't think so. I have a predicted 40 in IB and 1320 in my SAT and I'm already worried that I can't get in to top 100. Your SAT is already pretty good and can get you into a top 50 at least, but your IB needs help. I suggest taking the subjects again. My brother's friend f*cked up his IB too and he simply retook it.
  9. Well all I can say is that in my school, the girls only have 1 pocket whereas the boys have 4 pockets. That's 4 times as much as us. How is that fair??
  10. @6tk aww okay. Thanks for replying!! Really appreciate it
  11. Hi guys, my math IA is due in 2 days and I'm almost done but I have just realize that one of my formulas are faulty. I'm doing cryptography for my IA and with the formula I used, I got SOME of the answers correct (2 letters out of a 4 letter word :/) but the other 2 don't abide to the rules of the formula. I'm running out of time and I don't know what to do. Do you guys know if the moderators check every single working or do they just trust it? Because my method has been used before so they might not need to recheck my calculations? What do you guys think?
  12. Hmm you're right. Thanks for being super about this! May I also ask, are you also applying for uni next year?
  13. @IB' ez thanks for your input! I'll definitely consider it but with all the essays I still have to make, it'll be a tough call. And I thought that it would actually be harder for international students since American unis are obliged to take in more American students right? I'm not sure about that either. Some of my schools are alright, but some are pretty reach. I'm looking at: USC, most UC schools, University of Washington at Seattle, Pepperdine, NYU, Boston University, and Boston College. My GPA for my predicted grade is alright though. 4.44/5 is decent I guess? I got a pred
  14. @Iyragirl0018 Yes I've tried taking strategies but I'm afraid I'm just not the smartest person :/ In my heart I know I should probably take it a 5th time but since it's the end of December, it's a little too late for that. Thanks anyways! @Rory Peel I wish it was calculated like that But it isn't. I directly calculated it from the collegeboard website and my highest is truly 1860. I do want to save my parents' money but they can afford any tuition costs (I know, I'm really lucky) as long as its worth it. So they're not going to send me abroad for a very mediocre university. I have
  15. I'll give this a shot? Looking at everybody's scores make me feel sad Background: Asian female Country: Indonesia School Type: International School IB Predicted Grades History HL - 7 Indonesian B. HL - 6/7 (not sure) Economics HL - 6 English Lang&Lit SL - 7 Biology SL - 6 Math SL - 5 TOK - B EE (English) - A 41/45 or 42/45 SAT I - CR610 M590 W660 (Not the best I know) SAT II - None TOEFL - 112 Extracurricular: Attended locally held poetry slams a couple times E-commerce Economic c
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