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  1. Hello, So I have finished my Extended Essay on Chemistry ages ago, and was about to upload it to the IB website. However, yes I know it is my fault and my supervisor's, I did not know that I had to do in-text referencing for Harvard Style. What I did is only put a small number on the left top at the end of the sentence (like this 4). So as soon as possible, I now have to fix all the referencing. The problem is that my EE is already near the word limit. It is 3980 words, an I am very sure that if I do the in-text citations, it will go over the word limit a lot!! So, are
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yesterday I have found that on IBO website, they have opened places to upload Written Tasks, Extended Essays and TOK essays. Do you know when these are due? Thanks
  3. I was just finishing up my written assignment in French ab initio, but had some questions. 1) How many sources are we supposed to use? I thought we were supposed to use 3 sources which are written in French. Are we allowed to use more than 3 sources, and sources written in English not only in French? 2) We do not have to to referencing right? Since we upload the sources and the Written Assignment separately. 3) When is the deadline of uploading. Is it 15th of March? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Just had a simple question about Harvard Referencing Style. I know for Harvard referencing, we need 'in-text referencing' and a ' reference list/bibliography' As I know, only EE and TOK ESSAYS require such formal referencing. But today I have heard that all IAs, including Chem, Physics, Bio, Maths and so on, should also follow such formal referencing style. Can't we, for IAs, only just write a reference list at the very end of the IAs? Or do we must follow the formal rules? I have seen several samples but never seen one as such, Thanks
  5. Hi guys, Our school's policy for IAs, EEs, and other essays is to first submit it via Turnitin. However, today I have realized that IBO also uses turnitin to check plagiarism. The problem is that if I submit my Economics IA, for example, again, it shows me 60~90% of plagiarism as they detect the one which I previously uploaded. (The reason why it is not 100% is because I made changes) If this is the case, wouldn't the IBO think I copied and pasted the work since the IBO would not be able to see my name? Thank you
  6. Hi there, Can anyone please tell me when the deadlines for each EE, IA, and Written Task for English A is due? Thanks!
  7. Hello, So since I have been applying to several universities, I have been offered from 3~4 unis. Is it possible to accept all of them, and after the IB final score appears, I choose which one to go? It is because some unis gave me low offer scores like 36~37, while some gave me some high scores like 42~43. I am offered from HKU as fast track, UBC, McGill and KHUST.
  8. Woah! Thank you for your opinion! May I ask which online lectures you commonly use for revision? Thanks
  9. Hi guys. I revise physics by going through the oxford physics study guide (the thin one) and watch several youtube IB physics videos to attain full understanding and then check with the syllabus if I have missed anything. However, one concern I have is that is this book, the oxford study guide to short? I heard somebody telling me that it lacks of some parts of the syllabus but as I went through the syllabus it actually do cover all things. Moreover, I found the think IB physics textbook published by oxford unuseful as it contain useless details (for example in chapter 10, it e
  10. As I know Science Subjects IA's has a limit in length in pages, as I know 11? However, for Maths, I have never seen such limit. Is there a limit? Mine is 14pages and I am getting a little worried. Mine is 12 pages of the exploration + 2 pages of Bibliogrpahy Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, Since the Mocks are coming as well as the finals, I am now only practicing past papers. But now I have finished solving from 2009 ~ 2016, and I really want to practice more, and decided to solve 2003-2009 of physics, chemistry, and maths. My question is, that are these years, 2003-2009 past papers somehow easier than 2009-2016 just because they are old? I know there are some changes in the syllabus and question format, but the difficulty, is it similar? Thanks!
  12. Hello, So I was currently studying French ab past papers, and I have noticed that from 2013, for text D, there are no more question which asks you to write a 40 lined text about Text D, which existed before (like 2012, 2011 ,etc). Is this type of question removed? Thanks
  13. Hi, I finished my Extended Essay recently, but I was curious in regarding citations/references. What I did is I put a small number right up to the sentence (like this: My name is a dog1) which I referred from other sources, and listed on the last page, on the bibliography. However, I heard from someone that it is better to cite it below the page where the referred sentence is located as well. Is this true? Is it necessary to do so? Thanks
  14. Hi, I am thinking of writing informal letter from Creon to Antigone and vice versa as well. As the Jean Anouilh version of Antigone has context of the German occupation of France, I would like to portray this in the letter. Is this appropriate? Thank you
  15. Thank you, Is it ok if I write in a form of a police report about an accident in a story? I have seen 'report' is acceptable, but just wondering if police report is specifically ok.
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