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  1. Abelkoontz, its not that bad, stop making him frightened
  2. Visual Arts is not really hard, at least in our school... It's quite easy actually and focuses on drawing and doing portfolios. As I heard from my friends, the only thing you have to really learn is the history of art to write tests well, but it's definitely much easier than HL Maths. HL Maths is hard but also - it will be much more useful in the future if you dont want to do directly arts... If you check the courses at the universities you will see that VA is highly recommended only on arts unis, the rest of them would definitely prefer Maths HL. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi there, I am doing an UCAS application and I see that there's no place for predicted grades as if you are an IB student and have exams in May 2017 you just have to write "pending" in the space for the grade. My question is then: where my predicted grades will be? In the references? Thanks for the quick answer!:)
  4. Hi! Did u see the requirements described on particular unis' websites? Usually the subjects are not listed there, only a sum of the points. So, I guess that u shouldnt worry, they usually stick to the requirements given at their website;)
  5. Which universities are u considering? Oxford and Cambridge? Then u'll need Maths HL which however may be quite hard with Bio HL. Eco is nice and not that hard. Anyway, if u r considering for example Lancaster, Kings or Bath - there u usually dont need Maths HL - SL is enough.
  6. Dont be so nervous m8! The first thing is that IB is hard but if u do everything quite regularly its not such a big deal, honestly. Dont let yourself get into this "mad fear" because of IB, remember that its not your all life and its important to do sth else like at least your passion. Your subjects are quite hard: Maths and Biology require a lot of work but rest is fine, so u'll just have to focus on these ones:) Maybe one thing is that u have to make teachers see that u r working regularly: they often base their predictions on that;) hope this helps!
  7. Does any one have or know anything about computer science? How hard is it? It is now in the group 4 so together with Bio, Chem and Physics. Is it easier than these subjects?
  8. History HL requires a lot of work but it's a really nice subject because, as it was said, it focuses mostly on the ability of interpreting facts and forming arguments. It's really interesting but together with Maths it may be really hard to manage. If I were you, I guess I would stick with Physics HL and History SL.
  9. I heard that universitites really require you to do a lot of things externally to see that you're not only devoted to school. I do scouting which is in the same time my big passion, also dancing at school and pole dance externally; i take additional german and english classes too; i try to work voluntary wherever i can, it's always good to wrote about it later for example in your Personal Statement. I used also to play in theatre and during this holidays i take part in so called "business week" in my city. It's good to have some activities which relate to the course which you're planning to st
  10. Hi guys, I was just wondering what do you think about the requirements for courses connected with business. Do you think that Maths SL is useful in the process of application? I was on Maths Studies but changed to SL and now I cant stop thinking. I wrote to a few universities and they just answered that you have to have 6 from studies and 5 from sl but I've read also that sometimes these requirements are in practice much more strict.
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