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  1. Hi guys, I'm deciding if I should take English Lit or English Lang and Lit for my group 1 subject. I'll be taking either of these at SL. I'm planning on studying either Physics, Mathematics, or Environmental Science later on in university. My other subjects are: Spanish ab initio SL Music SL Geography HL Physics HL Mathematics HL 1) What are the main differences between Lit and Lang and Lit. Like the pros and cons of them. 2) Is Lit more harder than Lang and Lit? Based on the marking schemes and how you have to prepare for their individual papers. 3)
  2. Thanks so much for the insightful information! At least I don't feel that nervous knowing the syllabus will be the same
  3. I'll contact her when the school term starts(which is at the end of August ) . I'm just wondering if anyone has seen it cause I can't seem to find it on the internet.
  4. Hi guys, have any of you seen the Geography Syllabus Guide for 2018? Because the current one is only for exams until 2017. This is the current Subject Brief and Syllabus Guide for Geography. And do you know how early the IBO releases new syllabuses for its subjects? Thanks
  5. Ahahahahaha I'll definitely do that! Thanks so much for the poem and tips I'll keep them in mind.
  6. Hi guys So, I'm going for a leadership camp overseas (organised by our school) with the other IB students from my school and it'll be the first time we meet each other (our school is a new school). I'm not bad at making friends it's just that I can be a little shy at times So, do you guys have any tips on talking to other people or making new friends? Especially those that you meet for the first time. Thanks for your time
  7. I think for your case, since you're really good in maths and science, I would suggest you do A levels. Then you can take Further Maths, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as your 4 subjects, because these seem to be your strengths, from what I can discern through your post. Then you could get 4 A*'s at A level If you did the IB, then I would advise you to take HL Further Mathematics (you will have to learn this subject by yourself; and if you find it too challenging, you can always switch back to HL Mathematics), HL Physics, HL Chemistry, SL English Language and Literature (easier than
  8. Even without religious sentiments, people still look down upon homosexuality simply because it is "different" and most people fear things that are not normal. Religion simply enforces the feeling of hatred towards homosexuality. People who look down on gays and use religion as a reason to do so are naive, because all religions teach their followers to love everyone, regardless of their background. And even if a person has committed a fault, we should help them repent and get back on the right path, not shun them out for the rest of their lives. Now my view on homosexuality is, at the end
  9. I checked the May 2015 Statistical Bulletin and found out that only around 32 people in the world got 7 for ITGS SL & HL combined. But I should add that only about 3200 people took it. That equates to 1% of the people taking ITGS getting a 7. Is this subject really hard? Or is it because the people who do take it had to do so due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g. clash of timetable)? And if you did take this subject, how hard would you say this subject is on a scale of 1 to 10, compared to your other subjects? Do you find it hard to revise and prepare for this subject because of
  10. Actually, I do like all the subjects that I picked and I don't really have a problem with science subjects, I always do well in them. I'm pretty sure I can get a good score for all three of my HLs. Only my other subjects would need extra effort in order for me to secure a 7 in them. But anyways, when I met my school's university/career counsellor to determine my subjects, I didn't pick Chemistry HL as my sixth subject, I chose Music HL instead. Because before the meeting, I realised that I would learn so much more if I took music over chemistry as I have previously studied chemistry durin
  11. Hmm I'll keep that in mind. I'm going to discuss with my music teacher about whether or not I should take Music HL. Haha thanks for the tip, but I think I'm fine with performing, I kinda like it @gone2morrow @Oscarthecat3 At this stage, I think maybe I'll take Music SL. Thanks for the advice and wishes!!
  12. Hi guys, I may be taking Music HL as one of my subjects and am just curious on the level of difficulty and required skill in music to achieve a 5, 6, or 7. I'm really passionate about music and would really love to learn more about it. If I'm not able to carry the workload and do sufficiently well, I'll drop it to Music SL and bump up my Geography to HL. 1) I don't really have a background in music theory and have never really studied it in depth, so is that going to be a problem if I take music HL? Concerning instruments, I can play the guitar and piano, both of which I learned how
  13. So sorry to hear that you had to sit through that paper Hopefully the grade boundaries will reflect the changes in this paper and be set accordingly. They'll probably do something about it, so don't worry too much
  14. How was the exam like? What made it really difficult from previous exams? Did they require you to think out of the box? I'm gonna be starting the IB this September and I'm gonna be taking Physics HL. Just wondering how the new Physics syllabus is like.
  15. Actually, my school does offer Geography. Based on your recommendations and after much thorough thought, this will be my subject selections: English SL Mandarin SL Geography SL Physics HL Mathematics HL Chemistry HL May I ask your opinion on how hard is this course? And do you have any tips on how to study for these subjects? (as I can see that your subject choices are very similar to mine )
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