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  1. For the community service part of our cas, can we just have a copy of the community service sheet (not the ib handouts, but the standard school issued ones) as proof that we did our community service?
  2. Non non non! My favorite season is winter. I'm gonna guess that NP watches anime.
  3. Here's the new topic I've thought of: To what extent was the media to blame for the defeat in the vietnam war? I'm not sure yet, but I think I'm going to argue that the vietnam war was a lost cause even with the televised coverage of the war. I think I'll divide it into something like 1. How the Media could have possibly affected people's opinions. 2. How the Media didn't affect people's opinions. (Basically how the media didn't really change people's opinions, but only catered to the people's opininons. 3. Actual Facts and statistics about the war. This is all I got so far, but just tell
  4. My name comes from what I believe represents myself the best. I masked part comes from the fact that I like to keep my secrets secrets. The Twilight part does NOT come from the movie Twilight. I added it because I believe that I'm a gray person, in a way that I'm not good or evil, kinda both. It's more like, I'm good on the outside, but kinda evil on the inside. BTW, the definition of evil I'm using is "what is socially unacceptable and looked down upon at this time."
  5. I want to discuss about how the main reason women were persecuted was because of religious beliefs and to support that statement, I'll take examples such as: In Christianity, women were blamed for spreading heresy since Eve was the one who convinced Adam to eat the apple. Islam I can also support it further by discussing matriarchal societies and their religious beliefs. My last type of support would be the changes that have been brought about with the spread of religion. Examples: Christianity spread to the Americas Those were the only examples I could name at the type of my head. So basical
  6. So it goes by each activity?? So if I'm going to do running, and if I run for 3 hours a day for 5 days, does that mean I only have to get 1 sheet signed stating that I completed 15 hours of running?
  7. one last thing, do we do that for every time we do some hours or at the end of the 50 hours
  8. Basically, I'm just wondering if we need to use a certain paper to get a signature as proof that we completed some CAS hours or if we can use any piece of paper.
  9. Well, since it's the last day of school today, I have to choose my subject area, and I've chosen History since it seems to be the easiest. If anyone could fit this in with history it'd be great, but I doubt it. And also, this topic is available for anyone who wants it.
  10. Let's say I decide to write on this topic, under what subject should it go under? I'll need the subject for choosing my adviser. Oh yea, and any, and I mean ANY help is appreciated. I have to decide on my topic and choose my adviser in two days since the last day of school is this Thursday. This also means I'm open to other topics.
  11. If I did do that topic, under what category would it go under, and how would I be research it?
  12. Well, I'd like to write my essay on something like the differences between Japanese Anime and American Cartoons, but I can't really narrow down any topic. If you don't know what anime is, it's just Japanese cartoons like Dragon Ball Z, Shaman King, Card Captors, Bakugan, Cowboy Bebop, Eureka Seven, and other stuff like that. So does anyone have any possible topics I can do?
  13. Ok, I want to write my essay on how the Japanese government has only allowed whitewashed versions of past events like WWII, the invasion of Manchuria to be written in textbooks. I mainly want to compare the differences between American and Japanese textbooks on those past events where they fought against each other. My question is: How will I go about researching this with little japanese knowledge? Is this a good topic at all? Can anyone help with some possible organization? I'm thinking about organizing it according to the world events. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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