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  1. So, I loved theory of knowledge so much in high school that I want to take a class similar to this in college? Or perhaps even a major similar to TOK? Any suggestions? I have Philosophy and Religion down on my list, but I don't know how in depth or similar they'll be compared to TOK.
  2. Hey guys! So, I got a 4 on the IB English HL test, but I am only 2 point away from a 5. I need to get a 5 to get credit at my university. Do you think that a rescore for only 2 points is worth it? If so, do you think it's possible to get a 5?
  3. Hey there! So, I just found out my IB exam scores. I am 8 points from receiving a passing score on one of my exams. If I have my exam rescored, is it going to be easy to gain those extra 8 points?
  4. Thank you so much!! That really helped! I also want to be a doctor so that's why I am doing my EE on biology. I was just wondering if you know a lab I could do that relates with my EE? I'm just really stuck on ideas for labs/data right now. With a topic like vitamins/nutrition, it's hard to do one without breaking the IB guidelines.
  5. Hey there! I am doing research on my extended essay right now and I was wondering if it was a good idea to be doing an Extended Essay on Biology? If any of you guys did Biology for your Extended Essay Topic, tell me what you thought of it? Was it too difficult? And where did you find data and statistics for the essay? I know that IB is strict in a lot of areas, but how were you guys able to find data for Biology and go around IB's standards? And if you have any good websites that could help with the data portion for the Bio EE, please feel free to put it in the comments below. In addition, my
  6. Very well said!! @Merril889 I agree with you! This has happened to me this past year as there were classmates who would always cheat to get the grade they want because they were afraid of failing, getting a lower class rank/GPA. This was a problem for me because all my hard work just went to someone else because they cheated and basically took away my hard earned class rank and GPA. It is hard to tell the teachers because of how much they like this student. It's also a problem because the students know about this, but they don't want to snitch because of how much they like this student. I just
  7. Hey there! I just wanted some advice and tips on what to do if I found someone cheating in my class on their homework in quizzes. It's hard for me to tell my teachers about this because my teachers really like this student and find no fault in this student.
  8. What is the minimum score I need to get for an IB Diploma?
  9. I'm thinking about getting into a selective college either in or out of the U.S. However, a lot of colleges distinguish IB as rigorous and prestigious. How will that affect my acceptance between a student who has a mostly B & C grade to the IB student that earns A's and B's?
  10. What is the Spanish SL exam like? What grade did the majority in your class get? 4? 5? 6? 7? I'm really nervous right now because my Spanish teacher literally prepped us for nothing this whole school year
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