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  1. Hei fellas, After a long hiatus doing other stuff, I'm trying to do self-taught German to go to University in Luxembourg, and I would like to use the IB methods even though I won't take the examinations (I did the IB long ago). I bought this second hand book online Deutsch im Einsatz, but I realised that it does not include any CD or link to the audio files, which are supposed to be played or shared by the teacher in an "elevated version". I was wondering if any of you happens to have these files or knows where I could get them for free? Best,
  2. I did my retakes this November session. When I get my results and eventually the diploma, is there a way to know that I did retakes just from the Diploma paper itself? And what is the name of the school that will appear on the Diploma, my original school or the school where I did the retakes? Thanks guys.
  3. Im worried that it is too late to register for the May 2020 session? I want to retake some subjects, and without a higher score I will not be able to go to college next year. Help?
  4. Does anyone have the Cambridge Language and Literature guide that you could share with me please?
  5. Since the syllabus is going to change with last examinations in May 2020, would this matter if I want to retake the subject during such assessment schedule?
  6. I graduated the IB in 2016. I went to work straight after as a flight attendant. Tired of the job, I realize I want to go to University after all. Im 24 yo, and I got 23 points back then. I think that studying for 1 year, I could raise this number to 35. Is there any policy about the maximum age? And will any curriculum changes have entered into effect by the examinations of May 2020, compared to 2016, for any of the following subjects: Mathematics HL, Business M SL, Physics SL/HL, English Language and Literature HL.
  7. Hej! This a crucial point in my life. I didn't get the best grades to get into the Uni of my dreams, but I don't feel bad with myself. I went through clinical difficulties through the summer, and had to work part-time to pay for my studies. I also got all of the IB done in 1.5 years because I joined my class late. Anyway, I have a job offer that I really need to take, and therefore I need any form of High School Diploma, regardless of having barely made it to pass. I have 23 points, and fulfill all of the other conditions, otherwise. There's 3 subjects that I scores right on
  8. THANK YOU Do you know if the payment for the Category 1 includes all of the materials for the subject, or if the fee must be paid individually for every component of every subject. (In my school, 120 USD)
  9. Time is key for me. If I get my results after September, I will miss my job interview and will have to start the process all over again. Not to mention, I need to be without a job in the meantime until things are fixed up. For history, specifically, I got P1 (6) and P2 (10). I only need one of them to score a little higher. Do you know about the time the process takes?
  10. I am 1 point ahead of my diploma. I got 23 points, and fulfilled all the other conditions otherwise. I don't feel bad, because even though I put an excruciating amount of effort toward my studies, I did the whole IB in 3 semesters, worked part-time a half of that time, and underwent clinical difficulties that kept me from studying for the entire summer. Anyway, the IB results summary says that I am on the very verge of jumping into the next boundary in 3 subjects. That is, for example, in History I have 31 points, and from 32 on you get a 4 overall, instead of a 3. The same situation ap
  11. I think its crap and you should not use it. I think you MUST know it but undertake your own type of analysis that really shows your engagement rather than regurgitating some plastic model.
  12. Hi, Do you have some last minute recommendations for History? Specially, I rely entirely on my Norman Lowe "Modern World History" and perhaps you know which chapters would be best for the mini essay, which is the only thing were you actually need to know stuff at all. I know nothing. My history classes was very basic and unexciting.
  13. Hi, As you know the Physics paper 3 is due in exactly one week. It may sound totally nuts, but my physics teacher didn't even properly finish half the syllabus (not his fault, our previous coordinator thought 1.5 years of physics was nice and decided to give us a semester of chemistry instead, because it appeared nice to him). Anyway, I got to study a lot of maths and finish the syllabus on my own and read a lot of history and read a book for spanish and tonight finish reading Maus. Anyway, my point is that I have only two days reasonably available to study a topic
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