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  1. I multiplied by pi because when calculating the uncertainty the formula in the data booklet is uncertainty y:y pi is included in the value of y. when calculating the uncertainty I thought we needed to multiply the by value of y. I hope what I meant is clear and not confusing lol
  2. Because I put the answer with pi. In the data booklet the formula for the uncertainty shows that you have to multiply by the volume. As a consequence I got pi in the value. Could anyone tell me if this is wrong because I will need it for tomorrow. Thanks guys
  3. Is the percentage uncertainty the fractional uncertainty multiplied by 100?
  4. Because for the question on the percentage uncertainty I chose the answer with pi because multiplying by the volume that is what I got. If anyone could tell me whether this is wrong I would really appreciate it (I wouldn't like to repeat the mistake tomorrow). Thanks
  5. A question, isn't the percentage uncertainty the fractional uncertainty multiplied by 100?
  6. What did you answer on the multiple choice on the percentage uncertainty, the one on the pool and the one on polarization?
  7. What did you guys answer on the multiple choice of the percentage uncertainty? And the one on polarization?
  8. Which exercises in particular did you guys find challenging?
  9. I must say I agree. Paper 1 was tough but I think the questions I couldn't answer were difficult due to lack of studying of that particular unit. Paper 2 had one question per chapter, nothing outside the syllabus. I may be wrong but I think only paper 1 had some things which were not explicitly said in my textbook.
  10. I don't think very much, if the answer is well structured anyways it should't be a problem. I really hope I score decently even though I only talked about supply.....😓
  11. I got so confused on that questions, I just invented a couple of things which sounded right but I think I lost the points. On the cyclins I connected them to the percentage in S phase, G1 phase and G2 phase. Interphase stages I had no idea because nerve cells did not increase while endodermal did so I couldn't find a justifiable relationship. I also did 6 but for the part of evolution I completely forgot about meiosis, do you think I will be penalised much? I spoke about natural selection, convergent evolution, adaptive radiation, homologous/analogous structures and how different populat
  12. In my class 4 out of 9 who chose the questions did like me. I just hope this is the worldwide trend so maybe examiners will accept it as a right interpretation
  13. I chose question 1 and 4 for 4a I was not 100% sure so I just included the diagram for the LRAS curve and explained the keynesian prespective including spare capacity and all that material for 4b I took a slightly different approach from what I have read. I concentrated on investments for the majority of the answer evaluating pros, cons and how the shift the PPC. I did not really talk about AD and the multiplier because the questions was on economic growth so I concentrated on the quantity and quality of factors of production. Finally I included alternative perspectives and solutions
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